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The new diet is called: "It can work well"

More and more sports profiles are selected by meat. Even one of Sweden's biggest stars is tied to a vegetarian alternative. "Meat consumption is something everyone can think of," says Charlotte Kalla.

Charlotte Kalla and long team captain Chelsea Per Lindius, who attended the Bruksvallarna team meeting.picture: Henry Montgomery / TT

Up to five lessons per day are the most powerful sports games in the world. Charlotte Kalla produces 3000-4000 calories each day and therefore he has to eat a lot and often.

Food interest is known as a social media call that can include both dietary vegetables, crabs, vertebrates, and more and more prevalent vegetarian food.

"It's absolutely not my job to stop eating meat. This is more because it is more selective since there are so many vegetables that are good and that you feel comfortable and you can do a good job, "says Charlotte Kalla before the weekend premiere premiere of Bruksvallarna.

Last month she was featured as one of the top five athletes in Sweden, the Ambassador to the Vego World Class, the collaboration between the Swedish Olympic Committee and the World Wildlife Fund. It's about eating a sustainable, nutritious vegetarian food, despite the fact that elite rides play.

"As a model, I know that what I do shows that everyone can do something to enhance our climate impact. In Sweden, we spend more than four times our resources for over a year, and it goes without saying that it not sustainable. Charlotte Kalla says that food and meat consumption is everyone who thinks it.

The idea that at the same time it is impossible to reach the best athlete and vegetarian or vegan can be considered forgiveness. Among those who have demonstrated the opposite are Serena and Venus Williams (tennis), Lewis Hamilton (Formula 1), Hannah Teter (snowboarding), Meagan Duhamel (Figure skating) and David Haye (Boxing), who have all or many products of animal origin .

But there are problems. Vegetarian dishes often have less energy than animals. Travelers encountering a lot of energy can be problematic.

– It depends on what you choose. You need to inject you beans or quinoa or the like. You can not only eat salads and carrots, but also get protein sources, "says Per Lindius.

Lindy is a longtime team leader and participates in the IOC initiative. He has set the goal that half of all dishes served on national farms should be vegetarians.

"You can make a good vegetarian dish that's great, and it's just that for the environment, it's a lot better. You will also get a quicker recovery after taking energy. As an elite rider, it's easier to get a finely divided protein than when you drive with a steak, "says Per Lindy.

In front of him is how long the vegetarian food will take over, and this year the red meat will be only sporadically in his menus.

Almost everyone in the long-term team is waiting for change.

The Women's Federation, Charlotte Kallas, former personal trainer Magnus Ingesson, laughs nervously when he asks how he looks at the transition to a vegetarian diet.

– Haha, yes, we're usually kidding about that. The pellet was also in the operating system, and then I used to ask if I could get some meatballs or something, says Magnus Ingesson.

– No, but I have to draw my straw to the pile. You have to complete a good example, so I'll try it out.


The stars that cut meat

There are many examples for athletes who have chosen vegetarian or vegan diets. Here are some of them:

Paavo Nurmi, athletics

Finland is one of the greatest time-distance players with its nine Olympic gold and three Olympic silver. Nurmi was devoted to vegetarian food, at least as a teenager.

Serena and Venus Williams, tennis

Venus Williams, seven grand slam titles in one, began to eat vegan after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Sjögren's syndrome. Serena Serena, 23 grand slam titles in one, also eats mostly vegans.

Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1

The British apostle stopped eating red meat a couple of years ago. Nowadays, the 5th World Champion is a tough vegan.

"I think this is the right decision and, telling me, I can inspire others to follow," the BBC told the BBC last year.

Meagan Duhamel, figure skating

The Olympic gold medalist at the Olympic Games has been a Vegan for ten years. In an interview with the CBC, she tells her she moved to a full-fledged vegetable diet by eating a book on veganism. The next day she emptied the refrigerator for all animal products.

Carl Lewis, an athlete

Lewis was not a vegetarian when he took his four gold in 1984 in Los Angeles in 1984. But he does not seem to be much worse than becoming a vegan. In 1991, when he received the World Cup at the age of 100 meters, he ate food for a long time.

Hanna Teter, snowboarding

The love of the animal was received by Tether, who won the 2006 Olympic Games and the 2010 Olympic Silver Olympics to stop meat eating. In an interview with Huffington Post in 2017, she said: "I can not justify animal bondage for their pleasure."

David Haye, boxing

Haye was able to bring the world's champion in 2008 out of three of the four bosses of the world championship. Britons, who left this year earlier, have vegan in the last four years.

– Monkeys are 20 times stronger than humans and they do not rely on meat-based diets. They eat the plants all day. It's a myth that the meat must be strong, Hay told the sun last year.

Virat Kohli, cricket

Indian national team, cricket star Virat Kohli, recently announced that she has become vegan. The reason is that he feels that he makes him both stronger and healthier.

Martina Navratilova, tennis

One of the world's leading tennis games was a vegetarian. Many grand slam titles – 18 in one and 31 in double – indicate that eating habits worked.

Jermain Defo, football

The seventh best goalkeeper for the Premier League has said over the years that he has moved to just eat Vegan.

"I do not think it's hard to refrain from anything, because I know how happy it gives me the goals," Defo said in The Guardian last year.

Scott Jurek, Ultrasound

Evidence is virtually all that a vegan diet is sporty enough to require extraordinary strength. Jurek is one of the main pioneers of ultrasound and, for example, has completed the Orange Trail 350 miles, for example, 46 days, 11 hours and 20 minutes.

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