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The new derby wins Malmö

HK Malmö won a new derbyseger when Lugi was defeated with a 27-25 Handball League start.

After more than two months of absence, Adam Lönn returned to HK Malmö and won a popular entrance to the crowd. He set his first goal in the third minute of the game and was strong when the home team left the first half.

But Lugi gathered. Anton Hagvall jumped to the goal early and started the balls. Josip Cavaram had a heavy introduction. Horses were caught when Hampus Nygren scored 13-13 with three minutes left. Holes went part-time with the goal leader, 14-15.

At the beginning of the second half, Lugi was once again in the lead and was in the lead before HK Malmö won the printout. After 14 minutes Mattias Kvick scored 19-19.

The law was respected, and while just over six minutes had to be played, Magnus Persson shot 24-22 on HK Malmö.

Dan Beutler was a strong second leg, meaning that the home team finally won and went to two goals for victory 27-25.

In Baltiskan Hall 1,670 spectators were rude derbypublic.

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