Tuesday , October 26 2021

The fastest computer in the Nordic region is Linköping – Linköping – Corren.se


"It's probably about 20,000-30,000 times faster than a regular laptop," says NSC Technical Manager Niclas Andersson.

The 2016 Tetralith server stacked on the high rows of the refrigerator, blinking light and loud noise from the fans. Fans are needed to cool the mechanics, and despite the fans, it feels like a hair dryer.

Tetralith is the crown of five new supercomputers in Tetra's architecture, which was installed in the NSC last year. These are the latest long supercomputer lines that have been in the NSC for the last 30 years.

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Be easy. When ceiling lamps fall down in the Tetralith corridors, the 2016 server looks like something from The Matrix.

The first supercomputer purchased by the NSC itself, used in 1989, was called Cray X / MP-48 and cost between SEK 60 and 70 million.

– At that time it was a very fast machine that was faster than what you could find in Sweden. But today, almost any mobile phone works from it. What we installed last year, Tetra's architecture is about five million times faster.

Cray X / MP-48 has been able to operate as a sofa in the LU's lobby since long and loyal service. Instead, it is the fastest computer in the Nordic region – Tetralith, the new star. The main application of the computer is "problem solving" in the research world.

– You should be quite driven to use such computers. It is not really cut and pasted. You need some education, says Niclas Andersson.

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In the NSC hiding places you will find the most things. Here is a memory card from the 1986 modern television screens.

And what do you mean by Tetralith meanwhile?

– Everything is possible. It can be material science, flow dynamics, climate. The bigger the computer, the greater the problem.

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