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TEST: The week with the Iphone XR – cheaper but brutally fast

Proven product: Iphone XR
the price: SEK 9,490 (64 GB) CDON. See the best prices for dealers and operators in our comparison here!

Apple has, with the iphone XR, lost the price tag, but has left a comprehensive screen, gesture navigation, facial ID and hypnotic A12 processor. In addition, we have got a lot of other things, such as a really nice battery life.

When we change our iPhone XS Max to the iPhone XR for more than a week, it really does not feel as much as buying, despite the lowest price. Now, starting at $ 9,495, this is not cheap at all, but at the very least on the right side of the painful $ 10,000 limit, and the iPhone XS has an increase of 3300. The big rise in prices means we should not completely abandon the iPhone XR if we are looking for a new iphone

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Long term testing with IPhone XR

Cheaper – but almost no compromises

For example, the camera is very interesting. The sensor and wide-angle camera are exactly the same as the iPhone XS, and the same Smart HDR is available here. There is no dual camera available, so we do not have 2x optical zoom and enhanced digital zoom, but we still get a good selection of different portrait modes with some of the pros and cons.

The downside is that so far we can only capture portraits from people (and pets if we download Halid). The benefits are that we can walk closer to the person we shoot because the portrait mode is completely software-based (unlike the Iphone XS, which also uses a camera to measure depth and should be more distant).

The 6.1-inch size of the phone between the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max is a bit weird, but we like the phone feeling in your hand. When the iPhone XS Max is almost amazing at first, and in order to really get used to us, at least a few weeks later, the iphone XR feels quite right from the start.

Long term testing with IPhone XR

The screen, by the way, is one of the best LCD screens we have seen. But the LCD still has an LCD. The sword is deep and nice compared to other LCD screens, but it's nothing against the Apple XS screen. It does not matter honestly, how often do we stand and compare a LCD and have a screen next to each other? We quickly forgot that the front of the iPhone is a bit worse than the XR.

The screen's edges are not as luxuriously thin as the iPhone XS, somewhere, the backlight required by the lcd technology does not have enough space. But it's a luxury that we can actually be without, the eye gets used to the iPhone XR quickly and does not feel too big. The matte aluminum frame around the screen also seems a bit cheaper. But again – a luxury problem.

Hello, then touch the 3D

Something we miss, however, is the 3D Touch. We will not miss this if Apple removes the basic navigation method, say, multi-touch. But here and there, 3D Touch makes it easier to open shortcuts in the app icon.

In addition, the replacement of the Haptic Touch is not complete. For example, IOS 12 only works where we hold down the space bar to move the cursor every time we check. It's depressed when it's so enjoyable with 3D Touch.

But we hope Haptic Touch will be better, Apple has indicated that this feature will be enhanced and expanded in the future. This will be needed if several iPhone models lose 3D Touch.

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However, the area where we are satisfied is the battery life. Of course, the more we turn on brightness, the sooner we will turn off the battery power, but this also applies to the iPhone XS. We will return with a separate battery test, but it seems that the battery life is beneficial because the IPhone XR screen is so relatively low resolution.

Long term testing with IPhone XR

Well-chosen compromises

After a week with the Iphone XR it's clear that it is a cheaper phone with so well-chosen compromises that they are becoming almost unthinkable.


Of course, we miss our iPhone XS Max. But that's just because we've seen the grass on the other side for a few weeks. Inexpensive screen deep with black and thin edges, steel frame and dual camera make iPhone XS feelings more beautiful, but in reality the difference is not huge. The displays are still unusual at all, so anyone who buys the Iphone XR is unlikely to sit and compare with the screen and damage your LCD screen.

Some well-chosen compromises mean that, despite the lower price, we get a phone that is not decisive as an underwater model. The one who chooses the Iphone XR saves several thousand pieces, but it is still almost everything that makes the iPhone XS so good. This is the best iPhone model for most. The money invested can be diverted to a more luxurious shell.

The Facts of the iPhone XR

Good buyverified: October / November 2018
Checking: Samuel Nyberg
manufacturers: an Apple
System Chipset: Apple A12 Bionic
processor: 2 Vortex 2.49 GHz, temp. 4
graphics: A12 graphics
memory: 3 GB
Storage: 64/128/256 GB
display: 6.1 inches ips, 828 x 1792 pixels
Camera: 12 megapixel rear rear 7-megapixel front
connections: lightning
communication: 2g, 3g, 4g, 802.11a / b / g / n / ac (wifi 1-5), bluetooth 5.0, a-gps, galileo, nfc
Operating system: IOS 12
Other: Dual sim (standby), wireless charge (qi), waterproof (IP67), face recognition
Battery: 2 942 mAh, 7 h 5 min Internet video (wifi), 13h 30min mixed use (4g), approximately 22h call (3g)
Size: 15.1 x 7.6 x 0.8 cm
Weight: 194 grams
Recommended Price: 9 490 – 11 390 kr


Geekbench 4: 10 904 points
3dmark Ice Storm Unlimited: 77 238 points
3dmark Sling Shot Extreme: 3 525 points


The same ruthless performance.
Stylish screen despite the low resolution.
Cheaper but not really noticeable.


Haptic Touch is not finished.
Not so luxurious in all details.
Still expensive.

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