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Test scene for scoring – News –

It was more or less from where.

Only a few hours to launch the Alliance's classic meeting between IFK Gothenburg and the AIK on May 18, 2017, revealed an attempt to identify games. AIK's goalkeeper Kenny Stamatopoulos was the one who whistled a whistle and disturbed his club management, offering a large amount of money to influence the outcome of the game.

It's not about one game at all. This is a serious attack and a betting attempt against Swedish football. We never receive it, we never accept it, and therefore it is important that we work forcefully, "said Håkan Sjöstrand, Secretary-General of the Swedish Football Association.

The game was paused, moved to another date and started the preamble.

"It's crazy"

Now, after a year and a half after the investigation, the lawsuit begins when the main suspects are two former football players.

The bun is charged with a brutal violation, and both deny allegations.

I respect everyone's opinions, but the facts remain: it has never happened. It's a sneak peek. Absolutely crazy. It's unbelievable that regular talks with a friend can cause something similar, and it makes me so angry, said one of the former soccer players responsible for custody, Dagens Nyheter last week.

Played for four million

In September, Prosecutor Johan Lindmark accused two former football players of talks at the Stockholm Restaurant on May 16 and Kenny Stamatopoulos testimony of the call.

One accused soccer player has a complete betting history under the SVT mission, in which he played four million kronor from January 2015 to summer 2018. The other thing is that the particular case as such has come to an end with a certain glow at the Swedish Football Association's battle against gaming.

They need a comprehensive case, and then they turn to me, he said to DN.

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