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Stefan Hedmarks: Stan Lee himself was a superhero

The son of a Romanian specialist has always changed the series industry


I was writing a series when I was a teenager. But that was the humor that I was looking for. Trying to create something so ambitious (and neat!) As a superhero series, I was not courageous.

Stan Lee dared. He was a superhero himself. How can I create so many icons at a different time in such a short time?

The American cultural and entertainment life was nothing but talents that came to the United States in the transition from an intolerable Europe.

This also applies to the creator of the series and the icon Stan Lee, or Stanley Martin Lieber what he really called. His parents were Romanian Jews who arrived in New York to try their luck, fight depression and raise a boy who saw Errol Flynn fought at the cinema and dreamed of capturing a series of adventures.

At the same time as the world was thrown into the fiery World War of 1939, he entered the comic book industry and began to work for a publisher who eventually became known as Marvel. Captain America, the story of a periodic patriotic super soldier was not created, but Lee was there for the scene and worked as a series.

His first super hero was called the destroyer and was a journalist who gets into concentration camps and inject a serum that makes him an excessive person.

Therefore, the maker of Jewish comic books had an irresistible opportunity to devote their boxes to the Nazi beatings.

Created fantastic guy

With Jack Kirby (one of the makers of Captain America), Lee became one of the leaders behind the Marvel Revolution in the late 50's. The big breakthrough was the creation of the Amazing Four, the brutal quartet superhero, who appeared on the Marvel series in 1961.

1 out of 5 | Photo by Chris Pizzello / AP

During his event, Stan Lee honored him in 2017.

This was the beginning of a creative explosion in rare earth. The 1960s were ten years of American futures Kennedys promise to put man on the moon. The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Spider Man, Black Panther and other heroes arrived regularly from Marvel Factory. Everything was possible and the United States had a great power, at least for as long as the Vietnam War gave the image a big fist in the stomach.

Stan Lee talked with his time. Superheroes should have been complicated and face complex challenges, both on a personal level and with current and global challenges. Children are admired by Superhero, but this does not mean that it should only be read by children.

He convinced that the comics were a place for combating racism and prejudice. The fact that modern comics and film based films are increasingly emphasized by women, as well as introducing gays and unblemished characters is entirely in his spirit.

Attempts worth billions

Marvel now owns Disney's partnership, which has made the two companies more abundant. The films based on Stan Lee's works are worth billions worth of success. It can not be denied that he understood his value. He took care of the brand and served as Marvel face out. Available to fans.

Of course, it seems incredibly empty that we will see the future of Marvel films without his famous face in the small role. That he will be 20.

The Romanian dancing son really met with an American dream.

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