Saturday , April 1 2023

Snow Cube Air is a lightweight movie and still image


Snow Cube Air can be used directly on the camera, on the stand or on the drunk. The new Air Option is lighter and smaller than the original, which means a slightly weaker light with 400 lux at one meter, compared to 750, as the original light. Force can be controlled in four stages. The lamp has a 5600 camel wrench and a scatter angle of 60 degrees.

Unlike the original, it can not be used as a flash, but it has two modes, a strong light or a strobe. It comes with two different color filters, one for white light and one for warmer light. The battery is built-in and charged via USB. With Bluetooth, you can control the headlight through both the android and ios app.

Snow Cube Air is waterproof up to ten meters, which allows you to use it to shoot or take pictures under water until you are too deep. In addition to the stylus thread, the lamp also has a built-in magnet that allows it to be attached to all metal surfaces. The weight is 57 grams (the original is about 100 grams), which has fallen to the material change in the body of aluminum to reinforced plastics.

The price will be SEK 849.

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