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Sim Training Again Enköping School – Enköping


Pre-school classes from this year's separate part of the elementary school curriculum, LGR 11 and the section on physical activities and awareness do not mention swimming lessons. On the other hand, linguistic, aesthetic expressions, mathematical reasoning, nature, technologies, and digital tools in different contexts have taken place in curricula.

Annie Lundin, school principal of Munxund, sighs a bit when it comes to protest by some parents and politicians about the concentration of new swimming lessons. When the protests occurred, the planning of continuing education for swimming lessons was still unclear:

– The nursery school visits the swimming pool every week, but the time it takes to reach other goals in the curriculum. They now use one hour of outdoor exercise each hour every hour and will soon swim in the pool for half an hour, says Annie Lundin.

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Safa Iounes, Class 4, was impatiently trained and told her that just now she thinks it's fun to swim.

Program Objectives 1-3. The class is such that children can swim and swim in the spine, and in class 6 they will be able to swim 200 m, of which 50 m in the spine.

Hanna Hoff is a sports and health teacher at Munxund School and takes responsibility for teaching when children start their first year:

– We will regularly visit the swimming pool in year 2, and we will continuously test the skills of swimming in the swim. Of course, students who need extra time in a swimming pool will get it to reach Grade 6 goals, "says Hanna Hoff.

About the Irene store, head of department at Idrottshuset, the new curriculum in which the Munksund School did not work surprisingly are:

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Lyne Issa, Class 6, along with the fifth degree Geovyne Issa and Merna Hanna were engaged in swimming and jumping from the start of the pile lesson.

"Other municipalities very often have intensive swimming courses, not every week as Enköping with pre-school classes, but then with second class classes. This can be more effective in intensive courses and I believe that they can be an advantage for water-minded children who can be persecuted. , if between visits to the swimming pool is a week or more, "said Irenes shop.

Annie Lundin and Hanna Hoff hope that those who have taken a critical look at the new structure must trust and respect the profession and that the increased political governance of the school's internal work is not a step forward:

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Hanna Hoffs, School of Sport and Health at Munksund School.

– Visitor visits to the swimming pool have gone a lot of pre-school lessons. With the new curriculum, we need to change work and we think it is best for students, says Annie Lundin.

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