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Several teachers are now accused of misuse in Stockholm


Wrote in October Nyheter24 a 50-year-old teacher at the Southern School in Stockholm, who repeatedly misbehaved the 15-year-old school at school.

Although the male teacher wrote his "long" text after a 15-year-old child, he came to work at school-something that affects the parents with children on schools.

After school, the teacher repeatedly tried to agree with the student, and inadvertently touched the pupil. The teacher should also think that he is "in love" at the age of 15 years.

Friskolan meant that the teacher's shameful behavior was a one-off event and the teacher was just a warning. But the teacher himself thought that this happened twice before, once with another 15 year old student, and once with an 18 year old student.

Expressen now reveals that there have been a number of similar events with other teachers and students in the school.

Among other things is a 11-year-old girl and a 9-year-old girl, both of whom are disabled. The case of a teacher who has started a relationship with students and suspected of a sexual assault that the school should protect.

School denies, but several parents say

Friskolan is described as a family-oriented, where teachers themselves have attended school and privately contacted parents with children at school.

After the 15-year-old girl was discovered, the parents of the children in the school had to think that it all depended on the teacher, not the teacher. The parent had to tell Expressen that there was something with the girl who caused the situation.

But other parents look serious at all.

"We do not want pedophiles in our school," says the parent, according to Expressen.

Even children are worried about school.

Employees at the school would have received an email not to speak with Expressen. But now parents are witnessing abuse and exaggeration.

11 year old girl

Last year, the parent revealed to 11-year-old school students that something was wrong. When the baby's mother watched the girl's cell phone, she revealed messages transmitted between a girl living with a disability and a 50-year-old school teacher, writes Expressen.

Using an encrypted message app, the teacher sent intimate messages to the child. Among other things: "What I want massively calmly and energetically". Mother was a child and talked with a teacher.

She then talked with a girl who discovered that the teacher touched her. The girl also said that a 50-year-old man sends a girl in a classroom with a girl in school hours.

The teacher was informed and arrested by the police.

Several rape cases are suspected

A 50-year-old was arrested, but the school was never a mother. Instead, she needed to get in touch with the school and ask for an appointment.

The teacher was suspected of three rape cases for children, an attempt to rape children and sexual abuse. However, the case was canceled on the grounds that the evidence was not strong enough.

After five weeks, the teacher was free, and after three weeks he had finished school work.

He received SEK 80,000 after Mr Expressen, remunerating the Attorney General for suffering and lost jobs.

Two other things

Expressen reveals two other cases when children were ill. In case the substitute is required to prove her snaps and ass to the nine-year-old girl in the toilet.

The police report was drawn up but was subsequently rejected.

"Reputation Distribution"

In the fall of 2018, parents were invited to a school meeting. Parents who participated in the meeting tell Expressen that the meeting was called on to stop the spread of the rumor.

But parents should ask for the truth and transparency of the school about events that are considered to be happening.

The president then decides to say two cases, one with a female teacher and one with a male teacher. A female teacher, according to parents, is to leave the school after having started a relationship with the student.

The school currently does not want to talk about the allegations made by parents and, according to Expressen, "is not interested in any interview."

Here you can find out more about the first suspicion that was noted about a 50-year-old teacher who fell in love with a 15 year old student.

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