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Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games at least a few times have gained themselves to appear just like rock stars, and that's right. They have repeatedly shown their ability to create games that contain all of the moving stories with interesting characters, with an open world that offers clean exploration. The fact that the latest gaming budget in their portfolios in many cases exceeds the largest Hollywood movies is not surprising, and Red Dead Redemption 2 seems not to be the exception, but vice versa.

A well planned and minimal detail entry, slowly and of course, the player crashes in the complex game mechanics and the convincingly rebuffed Van der Lind Time story is just as magical to start the story as it is proof that it is a safe, thought-out and educational game design. . At the end of this so-called so-called prolongation, a huge gaming world is being introduced. What contradicts the slightly limited "prologue" surface, not only is it overwhelming, but also attracts beautiful views for research purposes.

The most characteristic characters of the neck, such as John Marston, Susan Grimshov, Lenny Summers, and Hosea Mathews, interact not only with each other, but also with sequences of arthur Morgan movie sequences or events related to the story. Without answering activities, Arthur's clothing style, even the welfare of Arthur. Lots, because it's up to the player to take such guides when it comes to the main personality. If he calms with a clay puddle, he becomes dirty, rides on the ground and rich, grows his hair and beard, and eats that he does not become thin and unobtrusive in more than one way. This kind of detail is far from here, but acknowledged that this kind of thinking in one game is a great pleasure for gaming, such as Red Dead Redemption 2. Therefore, I try to imagine this kind of curiosity.

Something else that actively seeks both characters and animals in the world is how they interact with the environment. Just the thought of an artistic and technical bottleneck that needs to be filled in so little detail as how mud is treated when the foot or foot marks in it as the snow tracks form when Arthur and his band are blowing through it or as rain is bleeding both clothes. In short , fur and land are exciting. As if it is not enough, the characters interact with all kinds of objects in a way that I have never seen before. In short, it looks realistic if the character in question picks up a bottle bouillon or re-attaches the gun to the pedestal. No cropping, no movement of the feathers, no weight in each movement, and fixed boundaries where the hand on the character ends and the object begins.

With such a large, comprehensive and well-integrated world, of course, one can hope that more than one of the main tasks is to focus on it. Of course, Rockstar Games surpasses my expectations in so many ways that I do not even know where to start. But I still think that the possibility of animal hunting is one of the best starting points. Not because animal hunting is something new in the gaming world, but the fact that Red Dead Redemption 2 hunting can mean much more than taking animals and using body parts for cooking. Here, hunting may also include animal skin to improve its horn equipment to create useful items and exclusive fur skins that can sell or sew clothes. It can also mean long trips to cold peaks that require warm clothes, although this may mean different rewards depending on how the hunt takes place. The first teddy bear's reception should not give a quality coat, just like a handbag can not make such a good rake like a pair of well-placed arrows.

Since this would not be enough, players could also store clothes, weapons and ammunition like meat, fur and horn somewhere. It does not all fit Arthur's pocket. And if the horse has not been accepted by Arthur hunting, it's probably here. The Western game, of course, was not a Western game but was able to ride a horse, and the Red Dead 2 horse is much more than a traveler, it is also walking luggage and in many cases also the best friend of Arthur.

To get as many horse as possible, it's important to create a strong link to it. First of all, take care of it, clean it and feed it. But even folding it or calming it after a hot sprint from the bandit gang. His horse's driving is flushed with faster escorts, is more durable, easier to maneuver, and withstands greater drops when the bullets get. There are also several different types of horses to choose from; some can be found in the wilderness, and can be made a gift, but others can be purchased in different cities. Everyone with different potential when it comes to strength, speed, etc.

However, the horse is not the only way to travel. You can also take a train, one of the many horse trains in the city or get on foot. There is a lot of choice and more options are opened. However, some of the "teleporting" of cleaning, which is usually found in other major open-world games, is not offered, which may seem both good and bad at the same time. On the one hand, this can be unsatisfactory if you want to sell a yacht exchange between the desert and the city's life. On the other hand, the game never loses the illusion of a time and space game in the end. What I personally really appreciate, especially if wildlife is not the only thing that can drive time between the main tasks.

Each trip, no matter what direction, is always something exciting on the road. If this is not the legendary moose that attracts, maybe it's a stranger who needs help with his horse or bandit trying to loot a bunch. Alternatively, the snake is excluded from the forest and needs to be countered, or the worst lanterns are asking for dinner for strangers. It may also happen that the Van der Linda weathermate rides over chat or that wildlife strangers offer Arthur to purchase secret wealth maps. Or … Yes, as you understand, there is a very long list of things that can happen between all the places you want to visit in the wild west. And believe me, this is just part of all the exciting things that can happen every time you leave the huge world of Red Dead 2. Not to mention all the crazy combinations that can be caused by all these events.

The game takes time, but the time it takes to do what you want to do is below the value of each second. No less important, combining all the above into one magnificent beautiful touch, it combines beautifully traveled western inspirational pieces of music, a horse ribbon patch against the terrain and a cycle of undiscovered bird species. However, the pace can sometimes be depressed. At least in the stressful situations and activities of the richer sections, where you sometimes want, it took some time to take a different weapon on the ground. Or, body movement can not be so difficult to lift. Even though the pace in most cases adds to an almost perfect atmosphere.

With as many as already mentioned, you think that perhaps you should not talk more, but it actually exists. The last thing I would like to mention is control of the game, because it is too much … a lot, good and bad. Each choice is made by pressing fast keystrokes or keystrokes that last forever holding the same button. This layout allows you to use the same button for several different functions, while making some actions more difficult to "falsely" take. Combine it with another layer of function in the same button based on whether the right button is pressed or not, we have a rather complicated timetable, which requires a lot of time to learn. Something may be inevitable in such a big game, but I have a real complaint, and I have one of two complaints. Despite this, there are bright spots even when it comes to the control schedule. Many and harsh control layers leave space for some easy-to-use quick features. For example, the ability to adjust the map size without any menus or the ability to switch to the first person's view by simply pressing a button, just by naming some.

By concluding this review, I just want to say that there is no doubt that this game is worth your time. The game has no one-way capabilities, providing everything from the grandiose open world to small details in the story and surroundings. I have never played a game that is as good and as good as Red Dead Redemption 2. I no doubt do not hesitate to spend as much time as I can in the wild west in the remainder of 2018.

OK good

  • A gripping story
  • Interesting characters
  • Grandiosa Surroundings
  • Extensive gaming world
  • Very detailed
  • Very varied
  • Quiet, clean pace
  • The researchers are when it is the best
  • Horses and everything they think
  • Hunting and fishing


  • Slower than you sometimes tolerate
  • Complex control schedule


Posted by: Sannie Jönsson

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