Friday , June 2 2023

Preemraff obtains environmental permission for historical risk – P4 West


President Lysekil plans to expand its business by SEK 15 billion.

Now the Earth and Environment Court has given permission to expand.

The court does not consider carbon dioxide emissions to double, reaching 3.5 million tons.

Ten years ago, there was a lot of progressive plans to build something called a chef – a type of plant that can also transform thick oil into cleaner fuel.

At present, the efforts made by Preemraff are such that 2.5 million tons of thick oil can be transformed into diesel and petrol each year.

Environmental Specialist Inge Löfgren, also representing the Lysekil and Munkedal Natural Protection Association, are disappointed that Preemraff received the state of the environment.

"It is only a pity that Sweden will find it difficult to achieve its environmental goals.

According to the Munkedal / Lysekil Natural Protection Association, the decision means that Preemraff will produce the most carbon dioxide in Sweden.

Peter Abrahamsson, Business District Manager to improve Preem, says that the recycling plant is releasing less than other comparable factories.

– The question is whether this is a global issue or a local problem. We release less carbon dioxide than most other oil refineries, "says Peter Abrahamsson, head of business, who developed the Preem refinery to Ekot.

"If we are not there, but there is a demand, someone else will produce products for which the market should release carbon dioxide.

At the beginning of 2023, the plant can Get ready if Premen takes your decision.

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