Thursday , March 4 2021

Moris Stokholm accepts trademark infringement by H & M

H & M collaborated with the British interior designer Morris & Co, founded by well-known 19th-century designer William Morris.

Today, the Swedish clothing chain is fighting for trademark infringement by the fashion company Morris Stockholm. H & M's latest collaboration with Morris & Co. they are believed to contain garments that are too similar to Morris Stockholms, and the logos can be confused. This is indicated in the application.

"This is a classic brand with a classic model," says Marianne Levin, a professor of Tribal Law at Stockholm University, who has experience in design protection and trademarks.

Marianne Levin, Professor of Civil Law at Stockholm University.
Marianne Levin, Professor of Civil Law at Stockholm University. photo: Staffan Westerlund

She wants today Do not take the case, but say that it's sad if the brand's exclusive rights can be used for other purposes.

It is clear in a lawsuit filed by the Stockholm court on November 8 that the company believes that the fashion clothing sold by H & M in the framework of cooperation recalls too much Morris Stockholm's cooperation with the British design firm Liberty. The logo used is also considered to be easily confused with Morris Stokholm.

"We are referring to a lawsuit, therefore, unfortunately, I can not make myself," says the party representing Moris Stokholm, Peter von Heidenstam.

Fashion company believes that H & M will notify in writing, among other things, how much of the clothing produced has been sold and how much it is in stock. H & M also needs ten million crowns, in addition to a fine of five million kroons, if part of the clothing continues to be sold and produced. In addition, Morris Stockholm believes that H & M will be liable for judgment issued by Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet and Göteborg Posten.

"Given the circumstances of the case, for example, H & M's intervention is widespread and widespread throughout the country, Morris believes that the distribution of the judgment would be as extensive as trademark infringement," claims the court.

Swedish company Morris Stokholm offers clothing, British-influenced clothing for men and women. The name was taken from the men's shop in Stockholm in the 1950s. The brand was headed by J.M. Alsén Design AB – There are two concept stores in Stockholm, but they are sold in 170 stores in 102 locations in Sweden. The first store – the so-called "store in the store" – was opened at the NK in Stockholm in 2005.

Morris Stockholm refers to the fact that, when registering in a trademark register, the company has the exclusive right to use Morris's trademark in Sweden for clothing. Mood shows that H & M, in collaboration with the British interior design company, has released clothing without the agreement of Moris Stockholm.

In 2004, H & M began collaborating with renowned designers. Previously, clothing was sold by selling goods, which, among other things, were intended by Karl Lagerfeldt, Versace and Madonna. Even H & M has the motto of the story and how to look at the atmosphere and the requirements.

"We do not want to comment on the current situation, but rather a discussion with the counterpart," says Håcan Andersson, a press contact for the H & M brand, as the case concerns DN.

Breakit was the first to report the mood.

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