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Metoo books are focused on men

First, the story of abuse came. The next wave of one-off books is a step forward for the perpetrators, but also for all ordinary men who think why they should be guilty of another crime.

A year after the metoo events, there are several books related to sexual abuse and harassment. Stock Photospicture: Claudio Bresciani / TT

Calle Brunell is a psychologist and has spent a lot of working life talking with men, including their views on sexuality. In January, he published the book "Man – Proximity and Responsibility to #metoo," where he raises the question of how men should relate to Metoo.

He hopes that in the future he will be able to talk about the "before" and "after" methods. Perhaps the fact that the testimony was so close – sexual harassment and abuse stories could be about their girlfriend, sister, mother or close friend – that many men studied themselves.

"You can not accept other men's legal obligations, but you can think about whether there are parts in my parts that sustain a manhood that, in its worst cases, leads to sexual abuse or abuse. This does not mean that all men commit abusive behavior or that all humanity is bad, but there are parts of masculinity that smell pretty bad, "says Calle Brunell.

He emphasizes that it was natural that women's stories took place and that men listened and did not talk much. But he also thinks he talked a lot about men and a little.

"I think there was an opening, something that happened to Metoo, which opened a little something, probably in the role of men, and I thought that behind me I understood that the person who wanted to appeal. And this appeal, in my opinion, Metoo was missing .

Next year, he also directed Dagild Nyheter's journalist Matilda Gustavson's book on culture profile and club with financial support from the Swedish Academy. Her report, in which 18 women reported sexual harassment and abuse, began a crisis that still shakes the rich institution. To date, there is not much known about the content of books, but it is not difficult to guess that this will trigger a new debate.

In the spring, a review by Christian Catomer and Knut Keynes Rogner's Academy will be published, book Nobel Facade – Swedish Academy, Hidden Story. According to publisher Polaris, the "raised facades" will reveal "hidden truths behind the current crisis, giving us insight into the drama behind the scenes that began well before the # metoo movement." In December, a documentary will also be broadcast, which will be attended by SVC by Catholic MP and Rogner.

Academic Secretary Anders Olson announces to TT that he has not interviewed either books or documentaries.

"But I think some actors will be involved, such as Horace Engdahl and Kristina Lugn.


Books by Metoo

Published by Mithu Sanyal "Rape: Crime Aspects"

"Most Important", Nathalie Simonsson Youth Sex Book.

"Frustrated yourself: the rape book" Maria-Pia Boethius, a new issue with the newly created author's preface.

"The Man – Proximity And Responsibility Given #metoo" by Calle Brunell, January

Matilda Gustavson's book on the profile of culture and his club will be published in 2019.

"Not so dangerous", editor Roxane Gay, 30 votes for abuse, rape and sexual harassment, March 8.

Ebba Witt-Brattström, Metoo-Whisper History, April.

"The Fascinating Facade – The Swedish Academy, The Hidden Story" by Christian Catomer and Knut Cain Rogner, will be released in the spring of 2019.

Previous releases

"Everything we do not talk about" by Thor Rutgersson on establishing an Equity Fund

"#metoo, 100 stories and 10 questions to answer," by Colette van Luik

"And I'll Pass," editor Alexandra Pascalidou

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