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Melodifestivalen: SVT backar – A gambling company may not sponsor

DN recently reported that the new
The Gaming Act, which runs from the end of the year, is open to more gaming advertising and sponsorship on Swedish television, even in public service.

Among other things, the Unibet Winter Studio is sponsored and Melodifestivalturnen is a new casino at Maria Casino.

But SVT is changing now their rules. From 2020 gaming companies will no longer be able to sponsor Melodifestivalen.

– We have said that we should be even more restrictive with regard to sponsorship of gambling companies. For example, gaming companies will not be able to sponsor Melodifestivalen, says Hanna Stjärne.

However, she says that the agreement with Maria Casino will be in place in 2019. The ad will appear in the arenas, but the sponsor signs will not appear in the TV box.

How do you change this rule now?

– I think this is problematic, we have many families and children coming to Melodifestivalen, and so we will be more restrictive in the future, says Stjärne and adds that SVT takes children into consideration.

The new gaming law has been going on for a long time, why don't you use these measures before?

– Since last autumn we have had discussions with us and now we have come to what we want. I wanted to have discussions with us earlier, even if the rules were changed.

How did it not happen?

– I wanted it to be before.

Did it fall between the chairs?

– I do not want it, but now we have decided that we should be more restrictive. We have talked about this late in the autumn.

What have you got from recent reactions?

– It has been a lot of criticism, we have accepted it, says Hanna Stjärne.

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