Saturday , April 1 2023

Many fake twitter followers for Gothenburg Post musicians


People in the music industry tend to be a lot of false and also bought Twitter followers by showing Svenska's advertisers' analysis, reports Ekot.

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However, why musicians stand out is hard to say.

However, it may be that there is a record company or another player whose goal is to look bigger than it is, and to attract more listeners, says Tero Marjamäki, radio press officer.

Social media profiles and some politicians also have a high proportion of fake followers. Svenska Advertisers have analyzed 300 profiles in Sweden, and on average there were about 24-30 percent of fraudulent followers. For some people it was bigger.

We reacted – horror may have to be taken, but with surprise. Partly because there are so many profiles, and in part it is so big. Advertisers have to accept it as well as the public, says Tero Marjamäki.

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