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Lawyer: A 22-year-old story explains everything

The blood of a 22-year-old is found in both crime scene and refugee vehicles. But he denies the accusations that he has stolen cultural historically invaluable burial regimes from Strängnäs Cathedral.
– He will come tomorrow for a story that explains all these songs, says lawyer Johan Erikson.

Illustration of the court. It was called his lawyer Johan Erikson.image: Johan Hallnäs / TT

After the stupid stealing of the summer from the cathedral, a district court hearing against a 22-year-old old person responsible for serious theft has begun. Two people were abandoned after the theft, but the 22-year-old is the only one who, according to prosecutors, may be involved in a crime.

– We think a 22-year-old has left a place with another culprit. In the Månson Garden and the so-called leg house, you have reached the stairs. Here are the bicycles that he and the other have done. Then one of them is a short distance from the quay and left the berth on the boat. Here all the missing roads disappear, said one prosecutor, Reena Devgun, when she was holding the case.

Prosecutor Isabelle Bjursten conducted a thorough technical inspection of the church and the surrounding park. The list of places and objects where the blood of the accused person is found is long. By the way, a lifecycle can be found between these objects.

Bjursten also reported on investigations carried out by objects not received by thieves. Both towers have suffered injuries that were not found when they were released to the Livrust exhibition in 2015 in Stockholm. Three details of the crown, including the earth's stone crystal, were outside the stand after theft.

The value of the remaining items is estimated at SEK 26.5 million.

Despite the technical evidence, a 22-year-old dispute over a crime is being challenged according to a prosecutor's case description, explained by his lawyer Johann Erikson.

– Someone might have noticed that I clearly followed the description when I said he denied the crime. I will not foresee a 22-year-old story at all. This story probably means he is guilty of a crime, not a crime, as the prosecutor said.

Erikson claims that a 22-year-old will leave a story in tomorrow's interrogation that can explain the trace of a trace of crime.

– And this story means that he is not the offender in the way the prosecutor claims, Eriksson said.

A 22-year-old has consistently refused to answer questions that others may be involved with in a police investigation and says he was himself in Strängnäs on the day he delivered a stolen bike without knowing that after a coup it would be used as a refugee vehicle.

He also admitted that he had stolen a boat used by thieves earlier, but here he also states that he did not know that it was used for theft.


Historically invaluable objects of culture

Carl IX, Gustav Vasa's youngest son and Gustav II Adolf's father died in 1611 after a stroke. His wife, Queen Kristina, the oldest, was the King of Sweden in the absence of the king in 1605. Queen Kristina died in Nyköping Castle in 1625.

Regional burial regimes from 1611 to 1626 are of high artistic quality. The Charles IX crown is made of gold and enamel, pearls and stone crystals – the so-called "Swedish diamonds" – the goldsmith Antonia Grot and Peter Ķempa.

In the 16th century, the royal funeral was a state affair, and the ceremonies became richer over time. The funeral of Charles IX and Queen Christina can be said to be the culmination of an ever more expensive funeral, and their funeral regimes were richer than the previous ones.

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