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Kings Kicks Trainer! – Los Angeles – NHL


Los Angeles Kings won the season to fight at the top of the Pacific Division, but the start of the season is considered bad. The team, after 13 games, played in the last league and in addition to unsatisfactory results, the game also looked amazing. So now, select the lead manager Rob Blake remove John Stevens from the role of the head coach and his trainer's assistant Don nachbaur.

What is the reason for dismissal should be the lack of negligence and lack of attitude that the team describes during implementation. This, along with an unusual mix of defensive games that made the team that dropped at least one last season's goals for one of the losers. With such development, Blake clearly understands that the reprints of recent weeks have not been sufficient and decided to take action.

Willie Desyardin, who in the three seasons was the main trainer at Vancouver Canucks, taking over Stevens for at least the rest of the season. He left Canucks in 2017 and recently was the main trainer of the Canadian team, who in 2018 adopted the Olympic Games in Pejongchang. In turn, he will get Marco Sturm having a large NHL career with most clubs and 17 games for the Kings 2010/11 season. Sturm is the last of the German team to lead his team to the finals of OS 2018, where he lost Russia.

While I understand the trainer's change, I do not think the Kings team is as good as hoping that the team wants Easter. They have a nice front row, and some of the mid-sixties that make nice hockey between them, but there are also many who have so far been inadequate. At the same time, the role of the trainer is to motivate the players and get as many of them as possible. Since Blake is responsible for both the construction of troops and the recruitment of trainers, this is his way of proving that he still believes in this team as it looks.

However, it will be interesting to see how the new bus constellation will have an impact on the team.


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