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José Mourinho fought against Juventus after winning


"They offended me and my family"

Manchester United has made a crazy transfer to Yuventus.

Then José Mourinho celebrated the "Juve" event.

"They offended me and my family," said the United Coach.

Victor Nilsson Lindelöf and his Manchester United faced one of the most difficult tasks in world football: Christian Ronaldo was arrested from the left.

They overcome 64 minutes. Then it does not work anymore.

The Portuguese star created the goal of dreams – and it was celebrated, first showing his stomach, then forming a heart against his family at the stands.

The dream goal was Ronaldo's first CL target for Juventus's shirt.

But he was deprived of heroism.

A crazy turn

Juan Mata put one up 1 – 1 after an attack from the right, caused by a defensive blunder.

"Of course, we might have little success for the last goal, but the guys are doing a great deal. Juve is Juve, it's not a normal team, it's a super team, so this is a special victory for the United States," the vice president says after the coach José Mourinho.

"Was acquitted"

He finally focused on it.

The instant message he celebrated, making a stupid gesture at the Juve event, after which several local players were angry.

Mourinho then defended herself.

– Offended me for 90 minutes. I came here to do my job, nothing else. After all, I never disturb anyone, I just made a gesture; that they (the fans of Juventus) should allow more. Probably I would not have done it, but since they even offended my family and my family member, I responded in this way, according to Sky Italia.

The United Kingdom has the golden opportunity to go to the eighth finals.

"Juve" is still fit for the group (nine points), but "United" has the other seven points, two before Valencia, and two games have remained to play.

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They won the Champions League in 2010 00:53

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