Tuesday , February 7 2023

Here's the Samsung mobile phone


The Samung Foldable Mobile Phone consists of an exterior screen and a much larger inside of the screen, and the screen being lifted is 7.3 inches wide. During the presentation, we received a prototype of the phone, in which the design was disguised in detail. So it was a very awkward phone we had to see. The function appeared anyway. All features of the phone are accessible from the external screen and when you open the phone, the app you used on the external screen is ready for use on the internal, largest screen.

Several challenges

To successfully make this phone, Samsung emphasized that it has overcome a number of technical problems. The screen is called the Infinity Flex Display, and in addition to the folding screen, long-term plans are also available for rollable screens and screens that are flexible and can be stretched out.

Samsung's overlooked screen meant to make the screen smoother and using materials other than those specified, can also repair the bearings, but at the same time allow all layers to move and thus be flexible. The device shown showed that the crowd simply looks fast, but the image quality seems to be good.

Mass production in the coming months

During the presentation, it was ensured that the curved screen was not just a trick, but success was achieved even if it was actually ensured that the screen ended up in the hands of the customers. Samsung promised to be ready for mass production in the next few months.

Custom interface

Samsung's mind with the big heart inside the inside is that you can simultaneously use multiple apps, do not move between different apps, but you can not use multiple apps at the same time. It was first mentioned that all features are available on the external small screen, but the app that you use on the external screen is active on the largest fold-screen screen when opening the phone. In addition to the ability to use the entire inner surface of the screen, such as a full screen or movie, you can split the screen up to three parallel programs.

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