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Joeseph Kendrick and Ingrid Bergström Kendrick lives in Sävedalen, Partille, outside Gothenburg and was her first child a year ago.

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"He has just begun to realize that he is a man called Ford and when asked" Where is Ford, "he points to himself. It would be strange to rename him now, says Ingrid Bergström Kendrick.

Like many others, his parents searched online and both stayed at Ford.

"When we found out that Ford was the name of Joseph's family, we thought it was even better. I understand that if it were a great name, that's not the case, and we did not think it would succeed. In this case, it's possible She was thinking about it early and avoiding the occurrence of a word-of-mouth conflict, she says.

"Surprised and shocked"

Joseph Kendrick, too, could not imagine that his son's name was not enough.

"I was impressed and shocked in Canada, and Ford has both the first and last name, last name, surname. But now that, after a long wait, we have finally said that the Supreme Administrative Court will accept the case, he seems a little hopeful, he says .

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Consequently, both the tax authorities, the administrative, and the Chamber of Justice have renounced Ford as a Swedish name, but Ford's parents are now suing a lawsuit after lodging an appeal to the High Administrative Court. The study is expected to last for a year. If this does not happen, then the couple have thought of the words where "ford" is part of the name, such as Clifford, Ford and Ford.

"But he'll always get hot Ford, as I understood, it may be easier to change the word when you're 18. Then you've grown up and the authorities are not that hard," says Ingrid Bergström Kendrick.

In his appeal, the parents refer to the Chamber of Commerce decision of the earlier name of 1982, which had a much more generous attitude to the suitability of the word, but also writes:

"We also want to emphasize that today's multicultural society is right to make a rather generous assessment of what today's Sweden can be considered a word for."

Three requirements were fulfilled

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In order to confirm the title, three criteria are considered to be met. It must not result in an offense or risk that causes the user to be discomfortable or otherwise inappropriate. This is the last requirement for Ford to expire.

"Yes, the name is a surname and quite a familiar surname because there has been a president who called it," says Agneta Carlquist, a Swedish business tax developer.

The fact that there are people in Sweden who are called "Ford" on the word, there is no reason to say yes to the Kendrick couple, because Swedish names are more emphasized in the new word group since last year.

– The rules are stricter and 100% are not sure that we have approved the word in accordance with the old name law. Instead, there might be people who immigrated to Sweden and called Ford's name by name. There are people who have very weird names, but people come to Sweden and name something to get it, "says Agneta Carlquist.

Facts: So much Ford is in Sweden

65 people are Ford's surname

A total of 28 men have Ford as their name

In total, 3 women have Ford as the name

8 people have Ford as their name

0 women have Ford as their name

Source: SCB

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