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Ebba Busch Thor in a Big Interview: "I Break the Standards"


Ebb Busch Thor had previously announced an alliance on death when the S, MP, C and L agreement became public.

Let's say she now says that cooperation between the four sides never returns to what was.

– We will have to fully cooperate again. Liberals, Christian Democrats and Conservatives, we need each other. Otherwise, we will never be able to challenge the Social Democrats again. But it is clear that the Alliance – as it was before … it will no longer work the same way. It will have to be another type of good cooperation.

What do you say to them – such as Jimmie Åkesson – who hopes for a proper conservative block in the future with M, KD and SD?

– You won't see it. Rather, I think the blocks are basically dissolved.

What is part of KD's "right-hand cooperation"?

– You are welcome if you are a conservative or liberal liberal, but we are a Christian democratic party, and so we will work with Moderates a lot, but SD is not part of the bourgeois opposition.

What do you think of Jan Björklund, now called M and KD, as "rights"?

– It's like … You are trying to push each other in different directions. That will be the case. We are a Christian Democratic Party, others are trying to impose other stickers

We have to check on behalf of our voters and citizens: what does their support for the government mean?

Expressen meets Ebba Busch Thor at Skaraborgsdagen Copper, an event with 400 invited speakers from business and politics. When we interviewed, it was just over a day because she stood opposite Annie Lehf in Riksdag after having asked a former Alliance counterpart.

The 15-year debate on Alliance leaders was interrupted.

Comments by Ebba Busch Thor:

– It is clear to me that we are in a situation where KD and M are part of the bourgeois opposition and where C and L have chosen to become government support parties. After all, we get another role.

Ebba Busch Thor on Wednesday's party leader debate in parliament.


– We have to check on behalf of our voters and citizens: what does their support for the government mean? What do they want to do to get other things? Now they have some who will pay the money, but will the spending increase as it will be financed? Then I tried to ask factual questions.

"I note that Ebba Busch Thor chooses to answer me, but not to Jimmie Åkesson," said Annie Lööf. What are you saying about it?

– It was a very sharp answer. Perhaps this suggests that you have not completely discharged your role as a government support party definition.

Have you spoken to Annie Lööf since the debate?

– No, we went well in the interviews, and then we had no reason to see it.

Raised after four options

After being convicted in the spring of 2018, Ebba Busch Thor got a breakthrough as a party leader in the month before the election. The KD remained not only in the Riksdag, but the party moved forward before it was supported by four straight elections.

KD continued to give a favorable opinion at the time of the government. Now, the party is measuring just over seven percent continuously, and Busch Thor himself has taken confidence measurements. The latest study by Novus on SVT, which was presented on Thursday evening: KD leader increased from 20 to 31 percent and is only three percentage points behind Prime Minister Stefan Löfwen (S). During the same period, voter confidence dropped sharply in Annie Lööf (C) and Jan Björklund (L).

Busch Thor also has 77,000 Instagram followers – most of the Rickshaw Party leaders. She tells how party meetings and hearings have been moved from the basement to the pub to modernize the party's image, and how important it is to drive the image of KD.


– Secondly, I have had a decisive task when I started working to change our party's development. And to be brave but warm, stand on it and be simple. The best report I can get is when voters say, "I understand what you mean". That's understandable. I think this is important.

I do not know how many people I have met who say they are not party leaders in the debate

The picture also shows private life – last week, when she painted children's furniture. A new way of political influence?

– I want to make this policy accessible, says KD Manager.

– I do not know how many people I have met who say they are not party leaders in the debate. They say, "It sounds like you are talking more than the voters". It is a problem of democracy, but we have movements with populism and extremism that are growing – the outer edges, both SD and V, have moved forward. I think there is a risk that it will be even more if people think "my voice is not heard" or "I am not represented in the political debate".

Do you meet something to hate?

– Most of my achievements are positive. Then sometimes there are some terrible comments, some of which are directly at risk. There are also many of my social media, especially Instagram. But when they cross the border, there are also many who go and note. I have a lot of strength from all who hear and pepper.

Batch lock for Micael Bindefeld and Ebba Busch Thor Guldbagge.


Ebba Busch Thor emphasizes that there are more reasons for her activities in social media to increase the number of new KD voters:

– I feel very responsible to those who consider me to be a model. I want to show that everything is not perfect, that life does not always go together. Among other things, all young girls who, like me, wondered how much should be able to combine to make a career or what you dream of working with and maybe becoming a mother. I struggled with it.


My faith means a lot. Like many others, I ask regularly

Ebba Busch Thor is a politician who creates strong feelings against and against. Even outside of social media.

In the chronicle Expressen's Britta Svensson describes how she suddenly became a "curious" leader in KD. But Svenson also notes: “Anyone I am trying to talk about about their newly awakened curiosity about Ebba Busch Thor becomes completely crazy. She is a terrible right for the Conservative-Christian, point to tip. "


– First of all, it is important to maintain Christian democracy as an ideology and Christianity as a religion. CDU with Angela Merkel in Germany is a Christian Democratic Party. Some believe that you need to be a Christian to become a part of the party – you don't need it, we have soon received 2500 new members soon.

Does your Christian faith affect your leadership?

– To me personally, my Christian faith means a lot to me, and sometimes I have questions about it and I will be happy to answer, but if you want to know theological concepts you have to go to someone else. My faith means a lot. Like many others, I ask regularly. It is a great source of comfort, not only in difficult times.

Besides, what Britta Svenson describes in his chronicle – "a terrible good conservative Christian" – what prejudices does he think of him?

Not so much anymore, it was more when I was young. First of all, I notice that, along with many other women, I paving the way and breaking the norms on how to expect parental leave, not Ebba Busch Thor.

– We keep a "fine, we are on childcare leave for two years if you want, or do as I can, if you can, if you want and can, return early, children with you, if possible". You are allowed to do what you want.

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