Friday , June 9 2023

Court decision: Qualcomm license to competitors


Who is swinging, knows that patenting technology licensing is one of the main disputes that Qualcomm has been in its eternal battle with Apple. And the judgment in the rough way does not go to the Qualcomm road right now. The federal judge Lucy Koh, who became famous as Apple and Samsung's patent attorney, has now decided to go to the US Competition Authority's FTC position on this matter. That means Qualcomm now needs to license its technology to competitors who want to use it.

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The judgment comes after the court hearing recently filed by the FTC. Both Qualcomm and the FTC have asked Ko to try to reach an agreement while waiting for a ruling for 30 days. But Koh chose to reject the boat's request. Qualcomm has not yet commented on the judgment, but it is assumed that the American chip manufacturer is not satisfied. Now you have no choice but to do both Intel and Samsung with their technology, if they only pay for it.

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