Thursday , March 4 2021

Comedian Per Andersson is injured during TV recording

On Wednesday evening, on the 5th Channel actor Per Andersson from Grotesco hosted Breaking News.

When the guests presented the program manager, Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson, it was with the words "he is famous for healthy interviews". As a surprise, Per Andersson interviewed a compulsory shirt – but despite this, the comedies could still escape from the studio.

Dressed up a couple of coats, comedies were spread over the tablecloth.

Per Andersson went to the hospital – there were broken ribs

He then hurt his heart and sought medical assistance at the hospital.

Channel 5 Press Secretary Anders Kihlander displays a text message to Per Andersson sent to Fredrik Vikingsson.

"It should be noted: waking up in the morning, pain in the heart, in the hospital, all the values ​​looked great, the doctor:" Was this happen on other days? "I:" Well, fan, I dipped on a table with a table on Monday. "Doctor:" Oh, it's it! You've broken some limits, you're upgraded after a week. "

A dramatic episode "Breaking news" is shown at. 10:00 on Channel 5 and Dplay.

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