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Bad appearance is the poorest trap – News


Those who earn a little money need to think so much about their economy, as one that needs to be dealt with more, "says Consumers Agency Investigator Margaret Lindberg.

Checking is the worst trap because the margins are so small. Now in the Christmas shopping, it's easy to get involved in the big shopping street, although you really do not have the money.

Budget is very important. Include all income, wages, child benefits and more, as well as deducting fixed costs. Leases, loans, all subscriptions and insurance, as well as expenses, such as for a car. If you start there, you will see what's over, "says Margaret Lindberg.

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Experts think that checking money is the most important for those who have some of them.

Get Low Costs

She explains that consciousness about what becomes clothes, food and other things allows you to plan and plan.

But it also allows us to find out which of the fixed costs is unnecessarily high, says Sharon Lavie, economist at Ikano Bank.

Those with a small economy should strive to achieve the lowest possible fixed costs. You can say that many subscribed electricity and the like, and you can review such media costs, she says.

Lavie also thinks that one needs to take into account what she really wants and wants. The car pays a lot and, if stopped, may be unusual suddenly.

It is now positive that, for example, new solutions, such as a car kit, will be available. You probably do not have to own yourself, says Sharon Lavie.

Easily grabbed

Margaret Lindberg thinks he is about to make a budget throughout the year, because the bills and costs are slightly different over the year.

Then you can also get a preview so you can plan Christmas and holidays, "she says.

The best part is to spend money all year round.

However, many people are left with so little money at a fixed cost that they lose sleep. Then it is easy to get rid of loans, invoice purchases and offers to distribute costs over time. But Margaret Lindberg and Sharon Lavie want to alert him.

"Buy now and pay in February", it made you jump. If you do not have the money right now, then they probably will not be in February, "said Margaret Lindberg.

She emphasizes that those who buy contributions are easily owed.

Payments are attracting you. It will always be more expensive. In addition, there is a lot more to keep up with, and the risk is to miss something if you have a lot of bills, like small dishes, says Sharon Lavie.

What do you like?

Purring can be like comfort, she says.

I bought this cheap sweater just because I can not afford to go on this trip, which I really dream of. You think that you earn so little that you can not imagine to save, says Lavie.

However, they do not have to, they both think.

If you think about what makes one happy, it will be easier in the short and long term. If you really want to do something, it's easier to save, rather than spend money on small things, says Sharon Lavie.

Moreover, in our social media, everyone seems to be able to afford everything: ski vacations, summer trips, fantastic afternoon lunches and nice clothes.

There are very few people who can afford it. It is better to reach the goal and to accumulate it as something fun to maintain, "says Lavie.

Ostrich Mentality

Both also want to alert you to the strutenessality: just ignore everything until all collisions.

It's hard when the shoulder is raised. But do not do it. Call and inform companies that you can not pay, they can postpone the date. Then you'll lose a reminder fee and possibly charging requirements, says Sharon Lavie.

You can also get help.

Municipal budget and debt counselors say that many people come to them too late when they have already come to the Crown Court. Then, the opportunities are often small to do something, for example, by replacing several bad loans with a better one. But if you find time, you will improve, "says Margaret Lindberg.

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