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I longed for the story of a seductive, treacherous forestry. Now that's it.

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On Tuesday evening, this is the final premiere of Anna Odell's snack X and Y. This opens the Stockholm Film Festival, which is currently one year after #Metoo, showing its most current program so far. In fact, it's harder for me to imagine a perfect fan. X & Y is a burning feminist rebellion that included long films. The rare artistic position – where everyone involved – exciting results.

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In the center stands Anna Odell (Artist, The Woman) and Mikael Persbrandt (actor, The Man). In the media, their personalities are already cemented as unlimited. One is a self-taught alfahan, the other is a madman with a dubious morality. Now they are ready to "do something" in highly controlled dramaturgy ways. Anna Odell explains one of the main premieres of two skeptical male producers of the film: She wants to challenge Persbrand by recording two or six scenes. One of them really gets into him and in the place where she really gets into her.

An important and at the same time aggressive exorcism, Odell turns into our inherited stereotypes at the end of the show. The ones we have come with us since ancient times, when Aristotle was philosophizing about the human right to free and ruthlessly fill a woman with her own grain. Woman as passive recipient, both seed and consequence. Her responsibility, forever underdeveloped, invisible to her efforts. In short: a human child who is a tedious person.

How's it going with reversal roles – if a woman is like a robber, the one who meets with us, the brutal genius, the democrats who compel the environment to obey the least, then apologize for everything? An artist, filled with joy and cholera, manipulates his actors – besides without a manuscript (film about death in Filmsverighe).

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X and Y are cinematographic Daughter of Egalis In the 21st Century or anyone who wants to: Mai Zetter movie update for girls from 1968 Most of all, it's still common with Joanna Rytel's sophisticated films, for example Animal Performance, Moms in the fire Hard and I stamp my baby.

Anna Odell takes wearing a strap and mind-fucking biopublic. All the devil focus on male dominance and female disorder in the film and the arts world. The best thing is that she is not alone. The proximity to the trial is Mikael Persbrandt – you've never seen before. To help, there are also various alter egon and one psychologist in the bread. The star ensemble includes Vera Vitali, Jens Albinus, Trine Dyrholm, Sofie Gråbøl, Thure Lindhardt and Shanti Roney. Here are seed and children of art. Here, maybe, the old landscapes burn forever to adapt something new. It depends on us.

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