Monday , September 20 2021

AIK Dimitriadis plays a key role: "Everything is talking to us"

After a drawdown on Sunday's match against Sundsvall 50,128 The audience of friends' games was disappointed at home. The result of Panos Dimitriadisam and his teammates meant not only the canceled golden feast, but also the psychic transformation before meeting Kalmarus.

"Every Sunday there was a lot of emotions both on and off the airplane with all the atmosphere. It's clear that you were disappointed when the judge blew the game, we really wanted to decide at home, says Panos Dimitriadis.

"But I think that most people released it quite quickly when they realized that we are one step closer to the end, and everything is still our advantage.

One point against Kalmar is enough for SM gold. But as Rikard Norling will form his central ball, it will not be a very simple task. Clearly, the main players Kristoffer Olsson and Enoch Kofi Adu have been suspended. Sebastian Larsson injured Sundsvall, and a 33-year-old man is now struggling against the clock to be ready to play.

Since returning to AIK this summer, Panos Dimitriadis has spoiled the spell. The 32-year-old is noted for seven start-ups, of which three are more than the previous position. But with a very regular box that runs the risk of losing a meeting on the Guldfāgelnas arena, the half-time footer plays a key role when everything is decided.

"Obviously, it's a bit different to play in the positions that are not used, but in the end I had to help my position in the middle field, and against Östersund I had to make my first goal, which really meant me. I'm ready to play if I have the opportunity and I have always been in this attitude since I came this summer, says Panos Dimitriadis.

How do you replace Kristoffer Olsson and Enoch Kofi Adu?

"We have enough good players to back up each other. Many of us have played several positions, which means that Ricard has a wider range of tools to help people know their roles and how to play if they have the opportunity.

The ability to win is a dream, and probably the biggest I am in soccer.

Season -98 won AIK SM gold with Stuart Baxter as coach. The day after gold, the team celebrated the center of Solna, and on the spot he was 12-year-old Panos Dimitriadis to meet her heroes. Sunday's midfielder with AIK as a parent club can become one.

– Obviously it wakes up a lot of emotions. They have followed the team for many years, started the first steps of the AIK, there were idols here and grown up with the club. So, in order to be able to win and win, there is a dream, and perhaps the biggest I am in soccer.

Are you checking that you have played enough games to get a medal?

– I do not know, I'm not very good. But if I receive a medal or do not consider this big part, it seems that I play and appreciate. But firstly, I have to take things in the right order and focus on Sunday, says Panos Dimitriadis, thinking of being on the womb.

"But I think I did it enough to get it, especially now that I play more at the end of the game, but as I said, one step at a time.

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