Friday , June 9 2023

Accommodation was evacuated after villabrand


Monday morning at 6.30 SOS was informed about the fire in the building. According to preliminary information, this is about a villa in Styrmansvägen in Hällelich.

"We have been around for about ten minutes, it's a smoke evolution from the basement." The scuba diving has begun and two people have been evacuated, says Magnus Curwagh at the rescue service at 06.55.

Only seven hours later it was announced that the fire was located and turned off.

"It was a quick effort. It seems like a kind of workshop or a hobby in the villa room has begun. We've been waiting," says Kärvhag to BLT, 7.15.

The rescue service has had three forces.

For eight hours, the rescue service is still available to ventilate and suck water.

"It's not clear who started the fire, but the man needed to help live outside the villa," says Magnus Kurvhag.

Text is updated.

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