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William and Harry: They came to Meghan

Harry, it seems, is Megan too cold.

Two sources close to members of the British royal family say they should have brother's hair because they are a duchess

Meghan Markle



he is sure he is


he did not make enough effort to take him, then the bride, with his hands sufficiently open to the royal family, or that he "did not crochet the red carpet." The last year's conflict between the brothers kept the prince silent


, who urged William to invite his brother and his fiancée to Christmas at his home in Norfolk.

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Dispute: Right before the wedding, Meghan Markle shouted at the Duke of Cate who was crying

Harry and Megan will move not to the Kensington Castle, where William and Kate will live. On why there are three theories. The first is that the couple does not understand the best, the other is that there is not enough space in Harry and his new family in the castle, but the third is that they just grow up, Harry will soon be a father, and therefore the time will no longer be The same as , but they have both their families and their responsibilities, which does not mean they are no longer close. Megam and Harry should switch to Frogmore Cottage.

meghan marke

Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle: This photo with her ex-girlfriend may cause headaches

And you're not really close to anything


and megaman Meganam was supposed to be a completely different personality than Kate, but the latter tried to get him into the family. Though there is a dispute between them, Kate moved to the pieces of her daughter's clothes she was wearing at the wedding Harry and Megan, leaving tears. What happened on this day between women is unknown.

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