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Vombergar in Nantes, Mlakar at the Premier League

Andres Vombergar, the fans of Olimpiyus, move to France. Photo:

In the autumn part of the Slovenian championship, Vombergar achieved ten goals, which, together with pilot Rockman Cronavetra and Roku Sirku, earned the highest score.

In Argentina, the native Slovenec will try to fill the gap in Nantes following the disappearance of the Argentine attacker Emiliana Sale, after the plane with which she went to the new city of Cardiff disappeared from the radar channel.

Mlakar at Brighton's door
There is another amazing junction at the door. Maribor Jan Mlakar's attacker should be just before signing a contract with the English Brompton permian. Twenty years ago, a Slovenian representative arrived at Fiorentina Human Garden a year ago without compensation, but with the commitment that half of the money would be paid out of Tuscany's budget for the next transfer.

Mlakar, who had nine of the fourth league shooters, would have to divide the medical examination only from the time the contract was signed. The compensation is expected to be around EUR 3 million.

Brighton is 13th in the English Championship. He scored 26 points in 24 rounds, seven in the losing zone.

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