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Voice They will be charged for non-essential services


In seven emergency primary health clinics in Gorenjska, on Monday, they will start paying for non-essential health services. For example, removing a bench will cost thirty euros. The aim of the measure is to provide better access for patients in need of emergency assistance.

Kranj Joe Veternik Head of General Health Service Joe Veternik announced at the press conference that they decided to make urgent medical and deer ambulances Gorenjska to calculate non-essential health services in outpatient clinics to ensure better access for patients in need of emergency care is needed. Attendance at these clinics is increasing, of which there are incorrect situations from ten to more than fifty percent. Emergency visits lead to extraordinary teamwork, congestion can lead to delays in treating a serious illness, poor quality of care, patient dissatisfaction and, last but not least, inefficiency in the healthcare system. One of the modest ways to reduce the number of outpatient clinics' urgent visits is to earn a living, explains Veternik. As he also pointed out, they have a legal basis for this measure, which some public health authorities have adopted elsewhere in Slovenia. OZG Assistant Expert. dr. Aleksander Stepanovi, dr. Med., He stressed that patients who are not sure whether their condition is urgent or not should of course include an emergency outpatient clinic.

The OZG has prepared a list of self-service services with a list of services provided by emergency medical clinics. The event will take effect on Monday, January 14th.

In matters of insignificant and natural reports, you will deduct twenty euros, medical measures related to the 150 euro alcohol (and pay per kilometer), the withdrawal and review of the bench for the conical changes after the thirty euro bite, will be the same for the rinse. For accidental pre-journey vaccination against tetanus, you will be charged EUR 25 for twenty euros for treatment canopies. Thirty euros will be paid for disease conditions such as nails, which the patient has for several weeks, for various fluctuations, for scratches on scratches and for abrasive data on the previous date, which have no signs of inflammation. Preventive checks before traveling will cost you fifty euros, review and determine the treatment for thirty euro fluctuations, doctor's certificate and under-spending for a doctor of 61 euros. Joe Veternik said that the price list is not the same for Slovenia, but OTC prices are comparable to other institutions that will implement it.

Mandatory health insurance rules provide that emergency medical care includes body care services, services needed to maintain life functions, to prevent serious illness, sleepiness, and serious deterioration of the condition of a chronic illness. Services are provided up to the stabilization of life functions or in a place appropriate to the beginning of treatment. Emergency rescue services are involved in emergency medical services.

OZG has seven emergency medical services in Gorenjska; Kranj, Radovljica, Loka, Bohinj, Trio, Bled and Jesenice.

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