Friday , September 20 2019
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Trumps forget, now everything is different

First President of the US President Donald Trump, Ivana Trump, is again in Croatia. The reason for her visit is not the first home on one of the Croatian islands, but it is medical.

Ivana Trump, who reached the age of 70 this year, has solved his vision problems with neighbors. In the famous Zagreb clinic Light her eyes were running, her diopters were removed and the cat started. So she will no longer have to wear her glasses except the sun.

Ivan Trumps in Operation Zagreb. PHOTO: Clinical light

She visited the clinic last year when she was an honorary guest at the competition Miss Universe Croatia did not decide to intervene because of the lack of time.

"The operation was quick and painless. Today I see without problems, I don't need glasses. I have a completely different and better view of the world that I will now discover again," said Trumpov.

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