Sunday , January 29 2023

TO's full-phone insta girls (+5 serious reasons to buy) – just for you


Elegant and modern design

If you're an Instagram, then you've already learned that you can buy Mate 20 Pro in three colors: midnight blue, black and (very popular) Twilight colors.

Due to the color of the Mate 20 Pro, it immediately hits the eye, as it is significantly different from other phones.

In addition to the delicate colors, it will also feature a 16-centimeter screen. It stretches across the front surface and can withstand crystal clear and colorful images with high resolution.

You will read it without any problems, watch your favorite series, edit your photos and play games. In addition, the phone is surrounded by a durable but elegant glass that is evenly rounded along all sides.

Camera moving on the border

The Huawei P20 series camera system is complemented with this ultra-wide-angle lens. With this you will be able to capture a wider perspective of the surroundings and add to the vastness of the photos and a three-dimensional effect.

You can also create a new camera system really serious macro photos or close-up photos, as it allows for sharp photos of objects when they are only 2.5 inches from the building.

Do you know what you eat?

The camera, in addition to other advanced features, is another useful novelty. With the help of artificial intelligence and the improved EMUI 9.0 user interface running on the Android P operating system, it shows how much of the food you want to eat.

Just paint your plate and artificial intelligence recognizes the type and quantity of food and calculates its energy value. Cool or not?

Artificial Intelligence

Promote your life with artificial intelligence. With the AI ​​portrait color mode, you adjust the color tones, saturation and brilliance of the image, making it easy to change the atmosphere of the recording.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the phone automatically locates the phone's system resources to make sure it runs smoothly and evenly.

But the phone will be able to unlock the phone with the face.

The advanced 3D recognition system quickly and securely detects faces in just 0.6 seconds. For this purpose, the front mounted 3D depth camera is used, which can accurately determine facial features.

And I … now you can fill your phone with your friend too

The new Mate Pro 20 already provides fast charge charging, fast wireless charging, and is also a very useful novelty.

Reverse wireless charging allows you to use your phone as a rechargeable battery.

This way, you can charge your friends with other devices that support wireless charging using the Qi standard.

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