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"This hard work and pressure from all sides are waiting for you"

Major General Alenka Ermenc was taken over by the Slovenian Armed Forces Battalion and as the head of the Slovenian Armed Forces General Staff took over from his predecessor, General Alan Geder, for military awards.

Major General

Alenka Ermenc

In her address, she stressed that she would lead her

"actions, not words"

which is also her personal principle. Ermenchev addresses her after accepting the primord, saying that the head of the headquarters

"with the highest level of responsibility towards the Slovenian armed forces and the homeland, with the greatest respect for the forerunner and those who have set me, and with the unwavering commitment to do all that our army needs."

"The citizens of the Slovenian armed forces expect them to carry out their mission and tasks professionally and effectively. In the management of the Army, I will focus on the status and equipment of the participants, the capabilities targets, the military infrastructure and knowledge that are the core of each profession"

Ermenchev emphasized the characteristic short speech.

Alenka Ermenc | Author: Anze Petkovšek

Angie Petkovsek

"You are waiting for a lot of hard work"

He stressed that he would carry the Slovenian army in his heart, and it would always be there

Alan Geder,

who will stay in the Slovenian army where he will continue to participate in the development, equipping and education of the army.

"When I recently took over the leadership of the Slovenian armed forces, I was determined to restore the reputation of the military organization and profession, to regulate the status of the military, to set the goals and abilities. My vision began as follows: due to the deteriorating situation in the world, with regard to the size, equipment, competence and perfection will be able to carry out all tasks that will be put forward before, defending their homeland, alliance or independently, within or outside the homeland "

Geder said, adding he was proud to be no longer descend from it.

He remembered that the part of his team, who tried to achieve everything, was Ermencev.

"There is still a lot of hard work and even more pressure from all sides. Without resources, such an army can not be built"

Geders said adding that "

with an upturned head and a continuous spine. "" I want the same when the time comes. " After all, it's only considered to be "

he concluded.

Alenka Ermenc | Author: Anze Petkovšek

Angie Petkovsek

Erjaveech: "We can all be proud"

At the award ceremony, the Minister of Defense attended the meeting

Karl Erjavec

The Prime Minister also attended the ceremony

Marjan Sharec

Chairman of the National Assembly

Dejan Židan

Advisor to the President of the Republic

Ura Crack

and members of the parliamentary defense committee.

Erjavec pointed out that the Slovenian armed forces had first received the head of the women's headquarters for the first time.

"She achieved this with her work, with her experience, knowledge and dedication. I am proud that we can all be"

he said.

"I estimate that politicizing the Slovenian armed forces will not be politicized. I hope that not all politicians present will do this."

he added.

He recalled that due to the uncertain security situation in the world, "the great challenge" is waiting all the time.

"The Constitution states that the main task of the Slovenian armed forces is to defend the Republic of Slovenia in order to guarantee the security of its citizens. This is a difficult task if we know that certain ambitious goals will have to be achieved"

Erjavez said that, like Ermenec, pointed to the improvement of the situation of the members of the armed forces of Slovenia by providing equipment that would allow them to operate safely. In this regard, he drew attention to the current members – Prime Minister Sharq, President Židan and members of the Defense Committee – and expressed the hope that they would achieve these goals with their help.

He expressed confidence that they will work with Ermenchev and will entrust her.

"I am convinced that in this mandate we will be able to increase the level of competence of the Slovenian armed forces"

Erjavec added and thanked Geder for his work so far.

Alenka Ermenc | Author: Anze Petkovšek

Angie Petkovsek

"It's hard work"

During the ceremony, some former officers of the Slovenian armed forces also took part in the ceremony. Major General

Ladislav Lipic,

who led the General Staff from 2001 to 2006, expressed hope for the ceremony that Ermenchev would do what she promised.

"It's been a difficult time for her job. But when we appointed her as Battalion Commander as one of the most difficult operational duties, she showed that she was on the right test, and I hope she will take on the highest role in the Slovenian army"

added Lipic.

Last month, Mr. Ermenchev, the Slovenian government, appointed the Slovenian armed forces on Tuesday. She has been in the army for 27 years and has been responsible for building responsibilities since 2001. She was promoted to brigade on May 13, 2011, and in March of this year, Geder chose her as a deputy. Ermenchev is not only the head of the first women's armed forces in Slovenia, but is currently the only one in all the NATO member states that they have approved for NATO.

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