Sunday , January 29 2023

They had sex, they didn’t play monopoly (PHOTO)


At school Love at home five sparkled. After they were Damians inside Barbara on a wonderful date and staying together, they also had breakfast in bed.

“The night was nice, we played a little,” Barbara described the events.

Morning by date. PHOTO: Voyo

But, of course, the other girls didn’t do it best, especially because they couldn’t find it. Monika she said so clearly that when they woke up, it was weird because they weren’t anywhere. She became even angrier Euro. “To go to bed with another … I have no word,” she was offended. She was convinced that they were having sex, not playing monopolies. And yet, to be able to make a plan to ruin his life. “And if I really fell in love, I wouldn’t look at others but at them,” Monika added.

The girls were excited. PHOTO: Voyo

Barbara explained that Damian had told her how she was with her Nano to a date, but she added that their massage did not bother her at all.

Monica left herself

But this was not the only shock the girls experienced. Tanja namely, she told Damian that it was time to shut down. He had to weed out one of the girls. And so the dice rolled. But Damian was surprised by Monica, who said herself that she was going home. “I basically refused a little because he focused all his attention on Barbara,” she explained.

Monica moved from Damian to Janez. PHOTO: Voyo

Well, Damian recommended or offered it to her Janeza and therefore, saying goodbye to Damian, she went to him.


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