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Soccer players Domzque beat Gorizia 3: 1 (2: 0) Telekom Slovenije on the 14th round of the First League. Domedzade players who lacked Amedeo Vetrih and wounded Mathieu Roms, Slobodan Vuk and Dejan Lazarevich returned to victory after the 10th round. With her Gorica, who, without Andriy Filipovich, Jake Kolenz and Alen Jogan, was revenge for the defeat of the first inter-season game, and in the fourth place it came close to only two points.

Domzale: Gorica 3: 1 (2: 0)

Sports Park, judges: Mertik (Odranci), Klančnik (Slovenj Gradec) and Benc (Rače).

Shooters: 1: 0 Podlogar (10), 2: 0 Nicholson (40th.), 2: 1 Smajlagić (62th), 3: 1 Nicholson (76th).

Tongue: Mulalić, Sikošek, Klemenčič, Dobrovoljc, Melnjak, Hodžić (from 72 Žužek), Gnezda Cherina, Ibričić, Mujan (81 Belima), Podlogar (from 86 Kirm), Nicholson.
Gorika: Sorcans, M. Kavčičs (from 67 years old), Celcer, Lipušček, Tomiček, Curk, Osuji, Grudina, Humar, Kotnik (from 82 Jermol), Smajlagić.

Yellow Card: Gnezda Cherin; Humars

Domzale deserved to get the first half after the first half they did a lot of effort. They took the lead in the 10th minute after Matej Podlogar on the left side of the target, but the ball returned to Shamarja Nicholson, who attempted to reach the fifth place, but then returned to Podlogar, which he ultimately sent on the network.

Nicholson's first hit and big mistake Sorchean:

After 2 minutes, Simona Rozman put themselves up 4 – 0 when Gregor Sikošek broke through on the right, leaving Gregory Sorčanu behind the keeper behind, great effort on goal! The opposing supporters gave the referee an explosive penalty release after Nicholson's 2 – Nicholsonam struck a 30 meter free kick home 8 minutes into the match.

Among the more dangerous attempts in the first part should mention the Senjid Ibričiča free shot in 35 minutes with more than 20 meters, then appeared Gorizna goalkeeper.

Shamar Nicholson


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Awakened Gorica threatened, then Nicholson decided the winner

In the 47th minute, Ajdin Mulalić headed for Andrejs Kotņikums on the other hand, but Ibričić did not manage to make a mistake. Matte Tomička did not have a good day to keep it in the wrong time.

With 62 minutes played, Novogoričani's Uros Celcer tried to nail the coffin shut, but Semir Smajlagić was not able to finish off.

Gorica's Honor:

Just a few inches to the right, Žiga Lipušček was on his own in the home side's penalty area and should have scored after 70 minutes, but Giorico's Bede Osuji curled a free kick over the penalty area.

At 72 minutes, Rok Grudina was inaccurate, and after four minutes Dario Melnjak and Dario Melnak again "came" with Nikolai with his head next to him, thus interrupting the pressure of Primorcevas, who was no longer able to find a connection.

Domžale will host Celjane in the 16th quarter on Sunday, while new entrants will visit Murska Sobota the previous day.

Measures Domzale per minute per minute:

End of game. Domzale won 3: 1 and ranked fourth. In the third place Gorizia approached two distinct points.

80th minute: Nova Gorica guests will not refuse. Andrei Kotnik but his shot from the left glanced off the top of the bar to fall behind the net.

Second Shamor Nicholson hit:

Goooool! 3: 1! 77th minute. Jamaica Shamar Nicholson At a time when Gorica was more dangerous, he got another second in this game. He handed him to the right Dario Melnjak, And Jamaica has already hit the fourth place in the last two games. This season, he scored five goals in the first SNL. I will beat the fifth victory at this stage.

72 minutes: A new opportunity to smooth Goric. He was at the door Rok Grudinabut the ball flew past the goal. Within 27 minutes from the second half Domžale was taken seven times in the door, hosts – only two times. It is yellow in color 2: 1.

Semir Smajlagić hit:

Goooool! 2: 1! 62 minutes. Guests were downgraded. Children's Rose Young Footballer Semir Smajlagić he took advantage of a defensive defense when the ball was in his possession and it was not difficult for him to beat the goalkeeper from the immediate vicinity at home. He gave a gift Uros Celcer. Gorika is only 1: 2 behind. Is the story repeating and Domzale will lose the benefit of two hits in the last weeks? Gorizia defender is already in the next attack Žiga Lipuscek wasted a good chance to balance …

54 minutes: This again was dangerous for the owners' door Andrei Kotnikand that is Ajdin Mulalić Without any serious problems, she hit the tremor.

47 minutes: Gorika first time threatened to play today. Andrei Kotnik he shot his head and pulled it Ajdina Mulalića. Domzale it's 2-0.

The beginning of the second half. Both team coaches did not make any changes during the break. The court had the same juniors as in the first part.

End of the first half of the year. Played Domzal's lead against helpless Goric with 2-0. If Domžale remains in charge, then the yellow color will rise to the fourth place in the table and win the championship for the first time since September 26th! What does statistic mean? In shoots is 10: 1 for Domzale and shoots in the door frame 3: 0.

Greg Sorkans: Shamor Nicholson hit and mistake:

Hall of fame! 2: 0. 40 minutes: He dropped it completely Shamar Nicholson. His head was attacked against Novorossiysk goal, where the ball was fooled by a 22-year-old goalkeeper Greg sorcana and the purpose of slipping between his legs. Domzale has doubled the advantage, and Jamaica turned out to be in an exceptional form, as he scored three goals in the last two games. He gave a gift Gregor Sikosek.

35 minutes: Pressure continues. Captain Sennie Ibričić Goric goalkeeper kicked the ball away Greg sorcanawho the ball went up in the corner. He stays Domžale in the lead with 1: 0.

20 minutes: At the beginning of the 20 minutes, Domzale showed superiority, which gains seven goals in front of Goric and visitors only once. The ratio of shot shots in the door frame is 1: 0.

Matej Podlogar hit:

Goooool! Domzalei 1: 0! 10 minutes For the first hit, the hosts needed only ten minutes. He's hit completely Matej Podlogar and with that he beat the gun powder this season. Coming back to jersey, Domzal started a shot with a bomb to bounce back to a team member Shamara Nicholsona. Jamaica tried to shoot in fifth place, after which the ljubljana player took the balls and won with precision long Greg sorcana.

The beginning of the game. Domžale started at 14.10. The start of the first Telekom Slovenian League between the yellow and the rose stock 15.10. He is the chairman Bojan Mertik (Odranci).

Who will start a duel with Domzale?

Who scored Gorii coaches in the first eleven Miran Srebrnic?

Trainer Gorika Miran Srebrnic The Domus has released two significant trumps. Andriji Filipović, who, after being pushed out by Murskas Sobota, released the game with Rudar, also joined the tribune Jack Kolenc. Domzale has just been stopped missing Amadeus vetrih, which will return to the green at the end of the month.

In total in the strongest first league match in Domžale and Gorizia 73 events were organized: 23 Domžale wins, 29 – New Year's games and 21 games ended without a winner.

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