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Dejan Kontrec and Ivo Jan

Before HZS and Ivo Jan, the challenge is how best to prepare and build a team at Group I Group A for the April World Championship, where the goal is to return to the elite division. Photo: Reuters

"Young people must be introduced and disposed of in water to refrain."

November 6, 2018 at noon 10:07
Jesenice – MMC RTV SLO, STA

Before the new season, Ivo Jan took over the Slovenian hockey team picker position. He has been a former superb player for several years and will now be the first national team trainer in the tournament in Belarus.

Janis stressed at the first meeting of the Jesenice Slovenian Breeding breed that there was no particular fear of the new role: "No particular excitement, I perceive it as a service that I have been doing for the past six years. I know of the picker's responsibilities, but I do not worry about panic and I hope there will be no pressure" he said about the possible pressure or the role of the three selections.

In Minsk, after proof, maybe SP
He says that in Minsk he will not be bothered by competitors in the European Championship (EIHC), the opponent's analysis will end only before the season's decisive stage – the April World Championship in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. In Belarus, where competitions against Belarus, Latvians and French will be held on Saturdays and Saturdays, a fairly renewed team with many newcomers will play.

"The national team is younger than usual or inexperienced, and the main reason is that we do not have a large selection of national teams; therefore, young people need to be slowly introduced and given the opportunity. The tournament in Minsk will be high-quality teams with strong teams. get to know my work, how we want to work, we do not go there to win the first place. But there is no excuse, we are moving very motivated. " about team young people thinking Jan.

Players already know him, especially without coercion and pressure
Two years ago he was already in the pick-up assistant, now he will play a key role for the first time. Also Jan, it will not be difficult to get in touch with the players. "I've already experienced the guys I've worked on. I've had many contacts with players, those who know me know I'm always there. Now I'm a selector and I hope they will not be ashamed or scared of anything. what to ask. " says january

He stressed that the most important thing for him is that the national team does not show any pressure or coercion for everyone. "My first task is to make sure that the boys are happy to play, but not to blame them, so that they are not possible. Everyone who has shown great desire here, I'm sure that we will do everything and that they will give everything they have for ice . "

Jeglić is almost back in the team
The November tournament is already an opportunity to test the youngest and non-engaging players, and therefore Jan, according to the agreement, gives some experienced players free of charge, and of course, he will welcome them in the most important part of the season. But that was not as much as I had already played Žiga Jeglič, returning after a half-yearly judgment. "Žiga was ready to play, we were close to going to this community, unfortunately it got messed with a passport, if it were not, I would be with us today" is Jeglic, who found new old employers in Slovakia at the end of the sentence in Bratislava, said the selector.

During this time, players will include a significant proportion of the players from the strongest local clubs, not just the targets of the planned youth tests: "If we exclude the basis of a national team, there are no other people in the rest of the world, and the next nucleus of the national team plays at home, in Ljubljana and Jesenice, and they have to be introduced and laid down in the water, which we expect they will leave the young people."

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