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"The Duke of Megham has a bad influence on her husband"

It is claimed by Duncan Larcombe, who has been following Harry for many years.

Duke Harry has long been considered a great entertainer who is not afraid of contact with his subjects. With her joyful nature and often very foolish behavior, the queen gave her teens gray hair. She didn't care about her, nor did she know that the public loved the "wild" prince.

Harry is expected to change in recent months. Prince Harry's biography by The Inside Story Duncan Larcombe, says blueblood is getting more and more cruel, and it has also started to retreat from the surrounding people.

"His staff were always excited about Harry (Harry and Harry, Harry, John) Meghan, Op. avt.) are very demanding, " The writer told The New York Post and added that many more people do not recognize the prince because he is going to change a lot. He would have been bad at all times, and he would have grown like an ego. "With them (employees, op. Avt.) There were earlier friendly relationships, so his behavior is not very similar," says Larcombe, who believes that Meghan has a bad impact on Harry.

The Duke is in a very damaging position, for the wife of Megahn and his brother, Duke Katewho is his friend obviously does not understand the best. He would even have cooled his relationship with his brother. Larcombe is convinced that the rumors that Kate and Meghan are avoiding each other are true.

The author also touched the Meghanine family. "The royal family reports have changed in Jerry Spider's show. he says.

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