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Slovenian meat industry: Home meat is high quality and safe

After the information from Poland came to a society where the cows had to be slaughtered and then the meat was sold as healthy, they also responded to the Slovenian meat industry interest association. They ensure that Slovenian meat is safe and that they will do everything to prevent meat from appearing in Slovenian stores.

In the Slovenian meat industry association, taking into account Poland's experience from where they report the slaughter of sick cows and the sale of meat as healthy, they ensure that Slovenian meat is of high quality and safe, but strict monitoring prevents abuse. In the interest association they promise to do their best to prevent meat from appearing in Slovenian stores.

The measures point to the abuse of rules in the European single market

The Slovenian meat industry economic interest group (GIZ) deplores the events in Poland which indicate the abuse of the rules in the European single market. "We emphasize that there can be no harmful phenomena associated with the permanent presence of official veterinarians in all major slaughterhouses in Slovenia," they wrote in a press release.

In the meat industry, they responded to Polish investigative journalists who, with hidden cameras, recorded the situation in a Polish slaughterhouse, which shows the slaughter of severely ill cows and sells their meat as healthy.

Most Slovenian beef is included in the selected quality scheme, which provides additional control over the implementation of specific animal breeding and transport conditions.PHOTO: iStock

We believe that no animal can be slaughtered without veterinary control, which consistently includes testing live animals before slaughter in order to check the carcasses.

"Most Slovenian beef is also included in the quality scheme chosen, which provides additional control over the introduction of specific conditions for the rearing and transport of animals, which further reduces the risk of abuse. Events in Slovenian slaughterhouses such as in Poland," they wrote.

Local food provides greater transparency

They also pointed to the importance of locally grown food, which provides greater transparency and responsibility for domestic producers and suppliers.

According to the meat industry, excessive pressure on food prices, especially meat, is an important factor in such cases. "Therefore, by eliminating such phenomena, there is a very important relationship between trade organizations and other large customers who, by raising awareness of safety and quality, can significantly limit the chances of the disputed meat appearing in our food chain" they stressed.

The Slovenian Meat Industry GIZ will ensure that the participation of their members will make all the meat disputed, not appear in Slovenian stores, and at the same time encourage other importers to act responsibly and consistently check the sources of purchase in the interests of consumers.

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