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Slovenia, which restores mercedese in Germany, is also worth millions of euros

He was educated in high school in Domžale, and then tested his fortune with various employers. "From private to authorized service, where I was very disappointed," he says.

A few years ago, he worked for Kienle Automobiltechnik, which only deals with the repair, refurbishment and renovation of Mercedes-Benz's latest vehicles and the old generation.

"Our former racing car, with which we are the first father, and then I, racing mountain racing," says Nick.
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The company is located in a rather small village in Heimerding, about 25 kilometers northeast of Stuttgart, Germany. He made his first contact with the company using aunt that lives nearby.

He has already been several times, but he didn't think he would ever live there. "Never say never," says Nick. In addition to his work, he was offered an apartment that is very happy because the high prices in Germany make it difficult to get a comfortable stay.

"Then there was a problem I had to sleep for some time"

Although he is very pleased with his life abroad, the neighboring letter was extremely difficult. "Especially from the parents I am very grateful for all the support," he says. It is a father who first thinks abroad.

In January last year, they talked to their father about the future of Nikon and what he would do in life. "Well, I told him because you know I'm in love with the old cars, I'd do something in that direction." But they quickly found that there are not many companies in Slovenia dealing with this issue alone.

Nick is very grateful to his father for all his support.

Nick is very grateful to his father for all his support.
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"Then it was a question that I didn't have to wait for a while," says Nick. His father asked if he would be interested in the rest of the world. Maybe he thought why not. "After all, it's better to learn and learn this job abroad than to spend your life changing oil and filters," he says.

Nik Pristavec

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In April he left the conversation, spent a good month at home, and in May he pushed to a new world. "Last weekend we arrived at a holiday party at home, so it really was a full emotion," he recalls.

She had a hard time leaving her girlfriend. "This month, when I was still home, I met her dream girlfriend. However, her migration from Slovenia was not played, so we had to destroy the difficult heart," she says.

On the other hand, he is extremely grateful that the family has something to do with him. "Aunt lives very close to the mountain, although there are not many things in these places," Nick smiled. The female and the uncle made her difficult, as she says. "It's like my other mom and dad," he added.

It works with cars worth up to EUR 10 million

As Nicks says, there are more than 20,000 to 10 million euros in a car service station. "Very rare and desirable cars, which are rarely found in my life by ordinary mortals, come into my hands, where from old dust that looks like waste, they become beauty, even better than the factory," he explains.


In the world of the old generation, Mercedes-Benz is a valuable brand, according to Nikko, their cars drive all the rich people to bankers, shakes, kings and sultans. The Mercedes-Benz plant is still producing some parts for the old-fashioned Mercedes. "What's not in the factory, we do it with us," says Nik.

When he tells people what he's doing, it's usually strange to watch because most don't even know that there is a car refurbishment. Describing their work, they are enthusiastic, Nick notes. There is not much in Slovenia, he says. "They are old masters who deal with these issues, but they've never developed this business for something bigger, most of them doing their hobbies in the afternoon," he explained.

"It's a great investment today and people know it"

Renewal of the car begins with a detailed review and assessment that the customer must approve. When the car is restored, the car is dismantled to the last screw, then remove the paint, rust and whales in the plumber workshop and repair any previous damage, then the car goes to color.

"She works slowly, accurately and with meaning," says Nick.
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During this time, the restorer looks at the exhibited parts and solves what can be solved. "My work focuses on originality," says Nick, adding that this is a problem for younger generations.

"The easiest part is to replace the damaged part with the new one. We are doing the exact opposite." Parts are cleaned, disassembled and repaired. If a particle cannot be repaired, they install a new part, and then they are all re-protected or anti-rheumatic.

"Then comes the fun part of installing these parts on the car," says Nick, and emphasizes the importance of prudence and accuracy. When everything is painted, they should not make mistakes, because if a part or a freshly painted varnish damage, they create high costs and a lot of bad will. "So it works slowly, accurately and with meaning," he adds.

One day I would like to open my own company that will deal with the repair, restoration and renovation of old times.

One day I would like to open my own company that will deal with the repair, restoration and renovation of old times.
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When the car is assembled, it is checked and, although it is often the case that they have to eliminate something, the customer is always satisfied. "They are happy to see their new" car ", which will collect miles or pass it in the garage and sell it three years at a price three times higher. This is a great investment today and people know it," says Nick.

"At first, of course, you are not clear"

Before moving, he attended an initial German language course which he had to shorten due to a quick departure. It seems that Niku is quite difficult to speak in German, but, as he says, "where there is will, there is a way". "At first, of course, nothing is clear, but constantly, step by step, I accept the language," says Nick.

He adds that most people can speak English, which can also be bad because they do not control their German language. "They also help me watch TV, read magazines, books, etc.," He says. One year he learned a lot, which is also confirmed by the recognition of local people that he speaks German very well. "The Germans are very friendly as far as foreigners are concerned, because they are very huge here," he adds.

Nik Pristavec

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"The mission of finding new people is not easy, especially to find people with whom I share interests. But it also happened over time," she says. He also met some Slovenians he met. "In fact, we hold regular meetings," she says.

"The Germans are not too sociable, I have at least this feeling," says a twenty-five-year-old who notes that they also have other priorities. "Here's the most important job and driving a good car," he noticed, but also highlighted some benefits. "Especially that they" do not complicate "its operation and that what you organize (usually) is also true."

"In this part of Germany, in Baden-Württemberg, people are quite prone to salvation, even by themselves, even more than proverbial Gorenjci," laughs. It was surprising that so many people live in rented apartments and homes. "For example, they have very little property as we are," he concluded.

They also visited the Spring Fair in Stuttgart with their father and uncle.

They also visited the Spring Fair in Stuttgart with their father and uncle.
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"Beer is cheaper than in Slovenia"

He always tells someone to work in Germany, ask him if he can even save money because it is so expensive. "If I live here in Slovenia, I agree with him. Every day, three times a day, coffee or beer. There is no such thing, you can see how we Slovenians and Germans are different," he says.

Foods and beverages in stores are in the same price range as Slovenia, "only services are significantly more expensive," he noted. It was also surprised by the beer price.

"After a few days my beer started to boil, so I went to the store for the first time. Here the choice is really huge so it can find something for every taste. When I saw the price of beer, I felt that I saw it wrong. Eight euros for No, it may not be true that beer is much cheaper than we do. I bought three, "said Nick.

"The food here is quite artificial, industrial," he says.
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And while prices in stores are roughly the same, Nik mostly does not use Slovenian food. "Here the food is quite artificial, industrial. But if you want better quality, the person has to open a little more safe," he says.

He is happy with the new life, so he is now in Germany and he won't know what to do in the future. "We strongly recommend that you go to Germany because the Germans know that we are hardworking and diligent citizens of the former Yugoslavia. There are many opportunities here, anyone can work right now," he believes.

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