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Shock on arrival at work, the reader can not believe


Reader The boy he cannot believe what they did on the street where he lives in Polule, near Celjes. 'For the rehabilitation of sewerage wells, the contractor erected two roadblocks without prior notice. Negative surprise after work. I received a contractor number from the workers Matyaz. I asked him why there was no notice because we couldn't get home by car and we had the building materials we ordered today that we had to cancel. He said that it was not possible to inform all of Slovenia and that it was on their website and that they were cooperating with Celje Energy, but it would take a week. "

To the unpleasant surprise, the reader is thinking about finding out about the announcement on the site if there is no sign and

No occupation was reported for the occupants of the Polu House. PHOTO: Reader Boyan

data. “Neither ambulances nor firefighters can reach our house. They should remove the barrier and move the shaft boards. It's weird that there's no prison there, but that they couldn't print 5 messages (there are so many houses on this street) and put them in the mailbox. I also didn't get any apologies from him .. Etc. So I aggressively interrupted our conversation. However, the neighbor can not leave the house. "

Polule pri Celju – Home access disabled. PHOTO: Reader Boyan

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