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PHOTO: Violent explosion completely destroyed six apartments, one seriously hurt (PHOTO and VIDEO)


One and a half hours later, a violent explosion was repeated in Maribor, reports the Slovenian Defense and Rescue Service (URSZR). The natural gas exploded, which was used for cooking instead of heating, said the gas brigade Maribor commander, the intervention head, Primoz Osojnik.

It exploded in the residential block at the address of Bratova Greifova 18. The first Maribor professional fireman Ale Ciringer said the gas exploded in one block on the third floor, and this floor was almost completely destroyed.

Professional and volunteer firefighters as well as members of civil protection arrived at a site that protected the site and began to fulfill its mission. In total 33 professional and volunteer firefighters took part in the intervention.

According to Primozas Osojnyk, four people were injured in an explosion, one of them worse and three more easily. They were all taken to the University Clinic in Maribor. Doctors are still struggling for injured life.

Sudden explosion broke out. PHOTO: Tadej Regent / Delo

"We evacuated residents from all 32 apartments, according to the first assessment, all the dwellings were damaged, at least six of which were completely destroyed," Osoņik was explained during the interview. 30 people and nine pets were temporarily removed from the site. Subsequently, URSZR explained that 18 apartments were damaged and six were destroyed.

Several people were injured. PHOTO: Tadej Regent / Delo

Osojnik could not answer the question of whether citizens could return home today. "The apartment, in which the gas exploded, of course, not because it was completely destroyed," he said. Maribor24 and added that one person was found in the apartment. The ZiR MOM service offered alternative residents to destroyed homes, but they moved to their relatives.

The signature on Greif's brother's street was so strong that they heard him in the second half of Pobrege. The damage will be huge too. The firefighters quickly extinguish the fire, but the police watch the event late in the afternoon.

There were more than 30 firefighters in the work. PHOTO: GB Maribor

"We move from housing to housing and check it is safe," she said yesterday STA said the Maribor Police Officer Bojan Kitel. The police will protect the area at night, not only because it is in the interest of investigating the cause, but also because some of the dwellings have been left without an explosion door.

Other wounded, firefighting and police officers have different information. "Three people searched for medical care that was easily damaged. Perhaps the number of people injured at night would change if someone else needed help, maybe shock or something like this," says Kitel.

A dozen firefighters arrived here. PHOTO: Tadej Regent / Jobs

"The first findings show that this is an explosion in a dwelling, the consequences of which are also visible about 50-100 meters from this block of living. Due to this scale, the trip will continue late at night and tomorrow. Before we reach the center and find out the cause of this event, there is a A very large area should be explored, "said a police spokesman.

In cooperation with civil protection, in his words, they will ensure that all evacuees become safe havens. "Some of them seem to stay in the block because all the apartments are not damaged," he said. Most of them have already experienced relatives. "If this is not possible, they will be provided with temporary accommodation with public interurban housing stock in Maribor," they said in the municipality of Maribor. The block is home to about 50 people.

There are at least six apartments damaged. PHOTO: Tadej Regent / Delo

Evening he reported that in an apartment where he exploded, the oldest person who allegedly attempted suicide, lived in unofficial information. After writing a newspaper, he probably went to his apartment two months ago when he tried to sue himself.

Damage is huge. PHOTO: Tadej Regent / Delo

One of the citizens, pensioners Ivan Dajchman, he told us that the man is about 53 years old. He repeatedly said among his neighbors that he was dangerous to himself and others. "We once saved our lives with our son," Dicman said. Djaksme denied it to inform the manager of the dangerous behavior of a person.

As we got to know, StanInvest is the head of the building, but its director Benjamin Patchnik according to the maintenance manager is currently not due to illness.

The Maribor block is badly damaged. PHOTO: GB Maribor

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