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New Barovec: "He will not be ahead of me"

Srecko get on your feet with your nerves.

The show was due to a family duty on Saturday


, and her new place was Barovets



At the beginning, he initially was proud to have five years of experience in the hospitality industry, but by testing his knowledge


, the competition with her was not the most satisfied. He was particularly disappointed


, who also said Tadej.

The new Barovec critique was not satisfied. In the conversation with Katarina, he even screamed. "

I came to him pulling my head. He should've been a long time, "

Katarina was trying to comfort her.

"Coffee is not cool, and it's good that you know that you can do it"

said to him, adding that Srechko is not a bad person and that his words do not take him too much.

As you know, Bar's competitors are divided into two groups: new rivals against the elderly who compete for three weeks. The team that will lose will be left in the bar.

She also returned to the show


, competing with new entrants,


it helps the indigenous people.

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