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Mourinho celebrated his style: players and fans of Juventus whipped # videos


"Manchester" after a game of tournament and two hits at the end of the game shocked "Juventus" and stayed in the first place in the group H. The victory over the old woman was particularly pleasing to Red Joy coach Jose Mourinho, who, with the gesture "what you said," was further raped Will not be disappointed with the Italian champions players and fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo Juan Mato


Ronaldo impressed with the masterpiece, followed by a great shock for Juventus

Following a prudent first-hand deal that did not have many deals, soccer enthusiasts arrived in their own name on the second half. In most cases, thanks to the home team, they were more dangerous, and this advantage was after a great blow. Cristiana Ronalda said for 65 minutes.

Portugal had no sympathy for the former club and celebrated its first European Championship juventus shirt with his belly-runned display.

Master and Abdominal Muscles:

With the changes he got completely

In the future, Juve got a few more options, but he missed out on the entire track. The penalty came in 86 minutes, when only seven minutes after the game with free luck first of all cares about equalization Juan Mata.

However, to complete the tournament and a great victory in Turin, another reserve player was monitored Marouane Fellainiwhich was after delivery Ashley Younga the highest jumping, and then the bomb was unhappy with his network-driven defender of bianconers, Alex Sandro.

Spain ensured equalization:

He could not hold the puzzles

The red Devil's anger began. As she said, she was particularly pleased Jose Mourinho, which his home fans used the whole game for a lot of dough. It seems that they still did not forget the seasons when Portugal dominated Italy with Inter.

He returned to her with the ear palm and screamed after the last whistle of the referee, and he was quite angry with the players and fans of Juventus.

Portuguese movement, which is offended by Juventine:

& # 39; & # 39; They complained about me for 90 minutes. I came to do my job, nothing more, "Mourinho said in Italian Sky Sport.

"I wanted to encourage the fans to get louder, I wanted to hear what they say after the game. I'm not helpless. Maybe I should not do it, I would not even have a cooler head, but when my family, including my Inter family, complained, I responded: "After the game, he defended the movement condemned by the majority, and portugally chose a person who can not act as a gentleman.

"As a coach, I have to forget about my previous services and the fans of Juventus are those who have not forgotten what I have trained. I myself came to Turin as a professional," said Mourinho.

Still in excellent position

Juventus, despite a defeat in the last two teams, still has two places more than Manchester United (7) and is still close to defeating Group H. In the next round, Juve will wait for Valencia and United and Young Boys at home.

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