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Live: Miner for Survival, Domžale for Europe

Prvoligaši enters the worst part of the season. The last eight rounds will only take four weeks. In the first league round 29, Telekom Slovenije is the first player to win Rudar and Domzale. Leading club is waiting for different tasks. On Sunday, Maribor will return to Mura completely, but Olympia will meet the worst club this season in Krško, Stožice.

Rudar: Domzale 0: 0 (- 🙂

What kind of start line was chosen by trainer Rudar and Domzal, Almir Sulejmanovic and Simon Rozman?

The first caravan will stop today in Velenje, where Domžale will be taken over. The duel will start at 10am 15.00 with a direct transfer to Planet 2. Knaps are able to pick up to the seventh place on the scale, but Domzale fans want to keep their advantage over their closest competitors in the battle for the European ticket.

After Mura and Aluminij's failure in the Slovenian Cup semi-final it became clear that they would lead to the third and fourth place in the European Championship. The hosts will play without two penalty players. They won't do it Leon Chrnicch inside Robert Pušaver, there will be no cards for guests Unwanted Hadzič. He will be the best judge in Slovenia Damir Skomina.

Aluminum is not happy with the court

Oliver Bogatinov knows he is leading the fourth place in Europe.

Oliver Bogatinov knows he is leading the fourth place in Europe.
Photo: Blaž Weindorfer / Sportida

At 17.00 Aluminij and Triglav will be surprised. Duel with Kidricans coach Oliver Bogatinov within a week of playing with the Olympique (0: 4), most of the first categories were rebuilt, making it a big bet. Aluminij has the chance to win the battle for European cities, winning, and Kranjcians could make a significant step to survival.

For hosts who are dissatisfied with the many judgments of this year and think the fact that the majority was on the club bill is just a coincidence or something more, the penalty will be insufficient Sanin Muminović.

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The judges hit again: Aluminum #video was called Maribor



Even Kranjčani will not play in the strongest position as they will not be playing cards Exposition of Kryeziuya. "We will definitely attack all three points," says new defender Triglav Žan Rogelj.

Celjani without the best Maribor tree against the title

Murska Sobota will return to Mursko Sobot again.

Murska Sobota will return to Mursko Sobot again.
Photo: Blaž Weindorfer / Sportida

On Sunday it will be the first time in Nova Gorica. Rosaries, which have been hit by a severe crisis, will solve first-class skin against Celje.

The hosts will be punished without any penalty Adela Haliloviča, Gorizia's defense welcomed the news that the Slovenian Las Vegas punishment duel would skip the first race shooter Rudi Požeg Vancaš. A trainer next to him Dušan Kosić he will not be able to count Janez Pisk. If the season had ended, Celje would provide a breakthrough in Europe, a great success.

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They will do their best to remove the blackest draft #video



The biggest Sunday lover, as far as the atmosphere and the mass visit are concerned, will be at. 16:00 Murska Sobot. Big competitors Mura and Maribor Fazaneria will reach again. On Wednesday, the violin crossed the black and white plans with an excellent hit Dareta Vršiča, who works in one of the most beautiful seasons of this season, this time there are some more motives waiting for him.

They want to maintain a high leadership position in Olympique, remain unmatched in 2019, and for the first time this season, Mura also won a championship that humiliated Maribor 4: 1 in the fall. It's going to be even harder on Sunday than on Wednesday, & # 39; & # 39; says trophy hero finals, 34-year-old retired veteran Vrsic, local strategist Ante Shimundza but he said he was going to win.

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It's not a coincidence: Maribor fell in love with Eugles, Vršič rose from the dead #video



Coach Olympia points out that Krško is a very complex competitor

Tuesday when women were wound up and defeated, without any serious problems.

Tuesday when women were wound up and defeated, without any serious problems.
Photo: Morgan Kristan / Sportida

Olympia and Krško will take care of the final action of the 29th round. The people of Ljubljana are huge favorites, because at least on paper there is the simplest possible task. According to the instructions Safeta Hadžičs they got the last three games and the number of results increased. Now they come to Stožice, who are the last inhabitants of the saints, who urgently need points to enrich the struggle for survival and keep hope for a miraculous solution.

In kites, he will continue his unusual array Rock Kronaveter. The new coach awakened her, while Mariborman's four final scores in the last three shows. "Krško football players are of high quality. It seems that the other teams have problems with them," warns his favorite and Serbian people, Hadžić, who somewhat confused the team with which he became the final of the cup during the week. Olympia will still be mathematically in the title game.

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Good angel Olympia with lots of heart failure #video



Best shooters:

14 Rudi Požeg Vancaš
13 – Rok Kronaveter (Olympia), Luka Majcen (Triglav)
12 – Lucca Zakovich (Maribor)
11 Rock Sirk (Mura)
10 Jan Mlakar (Maribor), Domzale, Tucic (Rudar), Andres Vombergar (Olympia)
9 Senators Ibričić (Domžale), Francesco Tahiraj (Aluminij), Marcos Tavares (Maribor)
8 Dino Hotić, Rok Kidrič (Aluminij / Olympia)

Planet 2. First League. Location of the program. First League Telekom Slovenije.

Great Events at Planet and Sport

2018/19 In the season you can watch #PLTS for each round in the live TV program Planet and Planet 2. Planet 2 will also broadcast Goeb! Mondo at 20:00 on Monday Goool !, Dani Bavec. You can learn more about the game schedule HERE.

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