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Leukemia is not tolerated if treated

About 700 people are infected with HIV in Slovenia. Their estimated life span has broadly extended the effectiveness of the medicine as well as the quality of life. However, there are still many problems for infected and patients, especially in their social environment.

Mitja Čošic Legebitra says there are no leaked people who would not be discriminated against in the health system. They even encountered cases where the infected person was denied health care. One of those experiencing this experience has filed a lawsuit against a healthcare worker and has succeeded. The stigma caused by this disease is significant, and it also causes the most and the worst side effects of the disease to the infected person. Hence, people hide the infection. "If I ask my clients about it, they say their problems are not related to drugs or visit a doctor. Most of all problems are bias and fear of social isolation, verbal references, weird opinions," he said. Janez Tomažič from Ljubljana Infectious Diseases Clinic.

In the run-up to the distigation of the virus infection, it will probably take a long time, but it starts with each individual. "If we put ourselves in the role of the person who has just learned of the infection with hiv viruses, it should spur empathy emotions for us, especially health care workers, and encourage us to help reduce prejudices. Sometimes we can do the most that we are the voice of a person. who can not speak, "she said Veronika Jagodic Basic, Chair of Nursing and Medical Technicians at the Dental Internist and Infection Department at the Chamber.

Slovenia is one of the countries that can say that it provides very healthy health care to people living with HIV, but ZZZS insured persons are entitled to all medicines. In our country, patients receive regular specialist examinations that are accessible to everyone, control is thoroughly managed, the latest and best drugs are available with minimal side effects, and if possible, they are used in various diagnostic and prophylactic tests, "said Jagodic Bashichev.

People are not yet aware that there has been significant progress in the treatment of HIV and AIDS, medicines are effective, patients are aging and live well, so Tomažič has a round table STAclude He believed that combating infected discrimination if the disease changed its name would have been a huge activity. People who are treated effectively are not infectious, it was clear and stressed that many experts do not know about it at the primary health care level (for example, in dentistry). In an effort to reduce prejudices, he co-operated with an NGO for a year before reaching out to the health map of the widespread availability of information on medicines that are infected with grapes.

In the past year, 39 infected with grass were detected in Slovenia, of which 32 were infected this year. Data on the total number of reported cases for new diagnoses indicates that they are less than the actual number. They depend not only on the number of people living with grapes, but also on the volume of trials that are relatively small compared to many other European countries.
Evita Leskovech from the National Public Health Institute said that many people did not even know their status and called for a try. Experience has shown that many, especially those over 50, do not even think they might be infected. Most of them do not even know the person's name that could infect them. "Test yourself, experts will provide others," said Tomazic. Five years ago there was a lot of late diagnosis. People came to check when their immune system was already closed, but a quarter of them had already developed AIDS. Late diagnoses are now decreasing, but they want more regular checks. It is important for the patient to get enough early treatment, because in this case the survival rates are even higher. With us the number of infections per year decreases to five people.

Most of the infected bird flu are men who have sex with men, two percent are those who use drugs, and three percent of the children are infected with the disease. Five teenagers aged 10 to 24 are infected every minute with avian flu everywhere. Tanya Povshich from the Young Friends of the City in Ljubljana, she emphasized that young people still do not know about safe sex and that sexual education should be addressed in an interdisciplinary way (psychological aspect, communication skills, interpersonal relationships). Given the fact that every fifth of those aged 15 years old are already sexually active, education for a healthy and safe sex should begin early, emphasized Povsiceva. In the safe sex workshops, they are subject to the program New, healthy and conscientious In secondary education, they note that youth sexual themes are still taboo. The NIJZ study showed that if they had more information, the young people would wait for the first sexual intercourse and possibly another partner, Leskovschkov explained.
According to Povšice's assessment, parents who usually speak for girls with children, mainly for contraception, but not for the prevention of transmission of sexually transmitted infections, could also play a part in preventing them. Also, in school curricula, the content of sexual education is not systematically regulated and is largely based on the enthusiasm of individual teachers, said the round table participants.

Are you a parent who is worried about him?
Participate in lectures on youth, hiva and stigmatization: on Monday, December 3, Studio Moderna 4th floor, Litostrojska 52, Ljubljana.

The virus can most often be infected with unprotected intercourse with the infected person and exposure to contaminated blood, especially when sharing with infected needles for drug injection. It is possible for the infected mother to be passed on to the child during pregnancy, during work or after breastfeeding.

In 2017, almost 160,000 newly-diagnosed people with HIV in the European region, along with the World Health Organization, are alarming. It is encouraging that the overall growth trend is not as rapid as before. More than 130,000 new hives have recently been diagnosed in the eastern region of the region. In turn, the European Union and European Economic Area countries (EU / EEA) reported a decline in new diagnoses, mainly because men who have sex with men have been diagnosed with a new diagnosis of 20%.

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