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I'm surprised at the van noise when playing under my right # RightNight window

The reader is interested in what can be done if sellers of commercial vehicles report their presence with the sirens with their advertising.

Dear Sir,

We live in a village near Maribor. In principle, it is calm. It struggles me, and not only for me when a van, a bread seller (Mobipek, Pečjak …) and a hundred decibels of gambling ("play") under the window suddenly appear, which are my notions that human violence is unprecedented. the shock no longer comes to her.

Baje, as I heard it, is forbidden in some municipalities, and sellers call these people over the phone to deliver bread. The noise is not only unique – these sellers usually return, or even more, and explosions and some "music" even during the day and afternoons.

I think there is a (legal) way to save this noise that we have heard for years.

Thank you for your response and kind regards


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Living in populated areas requires individual adaptation and tolerance to environmental influences such as noise, pollution and the like. These abnormal factors can only be allowed up to a certain limit. Expert help is required to determine this limit. Because noise is measured, it must be proven and measured with the help of an expert, expert in such measurements, because insufficient evidence of excessive noise is not sufficient to prove the evidence. To the extent that it is possible to establish, by means of an appropriate profession expert, that the noise exceeds the statutory limits, the person is legally recognized as harmful and harmful.

The described method of sale is governed by the Terms and Conditions for Minimum Technical Conditions for Conducting Trading Operations, if the type and limits of the advertising type are not specified.

Therefore, when selling a store, it is necessary to look at the municipal decrees that regulate in detail the rules and the way of selling, because such marketing methods are also issued. We recommend that you contact your local authority, familiarize yourself with the problems, and then, together with those in charge of the municipality, you will try to find a suitable and acceptable solution for everyone.

Urška Stopar, B.Sc. (UN), student of Master's study program, President of Humanitarian Society Pravo za VSE

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