Tuesday , March 2 2021

Here is a recipe for the best way to extend your Android phone life!

With the dark background, our Android mobile phone's autonomy will be much longer!With the dark background, our Android mobile phone's autonomy will be much longer!

Too short autonomy operation is one of the biggest problems for most of today's p. the useramateur mobile phones z mobile operating system for Android. They can hardly be separated from them during the day as they use them to run many applications, watch videos, browse the web, etc. Therefore, it is not surprising that many Android Android battery smartphone users are emptied even before the end of the working day, not to mention the end of the day.

If you use your Android smartphone primarily for video playback on a web portal Youtube and your device has an OLED screen, we have great news. For Google, they have discovered that operating autonomy is to use dark templates or Darkness Mode much longer than when using a classic white desktop computer. Power consumption in dark mode can be an enticing 43% lower than normal mode.

It is, in fact, apparent from the fact that mobile applications include, if possible, a dark method or dark graphic interface. This will enhance your mobile device's much longer autonomy, especially for cases where your mobile device has an OLED display. For this reason, we are confident that in the future we will, of course, see more and more mobile applications for Android devices, which in addition to the classic white background will also offer a darker interface.

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