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Hackers steal data on 14,000 HIV patients

There has been a massive attack in Singapore, with 14,000 people diagnosed with HIV, including foreigners, locals and, above all, many young people, not happy with the data. Finally, the burglary information for 2016 is finally coming to an end, as he seems to be responsible for the HIV-positive American attack with a Singapore doctor. The touch of the hacker attack took place only a few months after more than 1.5 million Singapore citizen files were abused, including documents presented by Prime Minister Lee Hsies Loong.

The latest attack should include data about names, names, HIV status, and other information. Official authorities report that 5,400 Singapore residents and 8,800 foreigners have been registered since 2013.

Who is responsible for the attack?

The authorities believe that the attack hides the 33-year-old US name, which has been living in Singapore since 2008. Mihija Farrera-Broc (pictured) was convicted and imprisoned in 2016 for document and drug trafficking and was expelled last year.

She talks about former partner Leri Teku Sian, former director of the Singapore National Publick Health Department, who was accused of helping Farreri-Broc lose medical data by hiding HIV positive status. After writing the portal, Ler had to give his blood instead of Farrer-Brochez to enter the country. In a press release, the Ministry of Health accused Lera of engaging in fraud and failed to cooperate with the authorities in processing confidential information. Only in 2016, it should be noted that the US has confidential information, but at the same time they felt that all information was protected and carried out by local police.

A police spokesman said that on 22 January they were told that Farrera-Broc will still have an HIV record containing 14,000 patients with confidential data. "I am very sorry that one of the former employees who had all the power to access confidential information in the HIV register was breaching security rules or not complying with all of the above," said Health Minister Gian Kim Yong.

On Monday, ministry officials should try to remember "almost everyone" who is currently living in Singapore, and all the locals on this list, but only have contact with 900 people. A special line was created immediately and the ministry will provide quality advice and other possible services. Finally, the Minister added that he considered Farrera-Brochez to be somewhere abroad, but he still does not know where. "There is still some scope for public dissemination," warned Chans.

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