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George Clooney worried about expecting twins again?


Hollywood actor George Clooney (58) argued for years that they would never marry and never have children. First he talked about marriage and with a British lawyer from Lebanon Amal (41) jumped into the legal yoke and became a dad two years ago when two twins came into the world Ella and Alexander. Now if you believe in site writing Latin times, George and Amal will swing again and get twins again.

Although the marriage crisis has recently been discussed, the spouse has decided to settle his marriage. They went to a legal adviser and George promised to travel less to Los Angeles. There is less controversy between the spouses and the expected growth is expected to bring them closer. Nevertheless, George was very worried. Although he enjoys paternity, he worries about Amal and his two young children taking care of two more babies.

George is already thinking about who will be the godfather to his future offspring. Presumably he would have had a former US president in mind Barack Obama, Good friend of Amal, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and Michelle Obama, but they are already planning a party before the baby is born.

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