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Double prices: why do we pay more than Austrians with an average salary of 3600 euros? #video

In the last period, much attention has been paid to the dual prices of traders in the Slovenian and Austrian markets. That is the case if our rights are violated, they argued in the argument. "The infringement would have been if the price had not been disclosed transparently if it did not include all the costs," explained Romana Javornik, European Consumer Center of the Ministry of Economy.

With an average salary of 3,600 euros, Austrians are the same perfume in the same bottle, they buy half as cheap as a once poorly paid Slovenian. We have not only luxury but also products every day.

You can find a cage for dogs in the Hofer, where it costs € 299. In the whole border, the same cage is much cheaper and costs 199 euros for the same dealer. Savings are guaranteed even when you go to Austria from the capital.

Boštjan Jager and Romana Javornik.

Boštjan Jager and Romana Javornik.
Photo: Ana Kovač

It's just one of the cheaper shopping examples with neighbors. We are days ago wrote a leaflet about the drug Müller, where the same scent in Slovenia costs almost twice as much.

"Service providers are free to price their services or products. It would be a violation if the price was not disclosed transparently, if it did not include all costs," she said in the argument about the planet. Romana Javornik from the European Consumer Center of the Ministry of Economy.

He adds that "traders are always looking for quick profits and when they come, they use it. We also need to be aware that consumers do not want to settle for such offers."

The owner of the Slovenian retail chain will not dare

Some Austrian and Slovenian Hofer comparisons. The battery cylinder is 199 euros, in Austria – 189 euros. The working lamp in Slovenia is 12.99 euros, in Austria 11.99 euros. Silica Fugues in Slovenia are EUR 5.99, while neighbors in the Euro are less.

He was among the guests at the exhibition Boštjan Jagerco-owner of a successful retail chain Jager. Have you hoped that you would do the same in one of your 40 outlets and sell the goods at different prices?

"Absolutely not," was Jager's brief.

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The news

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The hourly rate is almost half lower

One could continue to mention price differences, recognizing that most products are the same. Of course, it is completely different from purchasing power. According to Eurostat, the average hourly rate in Austria was € 29.80 in Slovenia and € 16.40 in gross. Therefore, Austrian purchasing power is even greater. Most products are just as expensive or even cheaper.

There are several differences in Hofer. Prices are influenced by purchasing prices, logistics costs, taxes, demand and others, explaining and adding that Slovenia has cheaper products than Austria.

Read other questions from the argument:

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The news

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How can buyers punish a trader?

"Buyers are the easiest to punish a merchant so that they no longer come to him. Competition is high. It's the price of globalization," says Jager, and points out that foreign traders on our market have a more comprehensive overview of product prices in a particular market level.

"Traders are always looking for opportunities for quick profits, and if that is the way to use it," says Romana Javornik.
Photo: Ana Kovač

"The consumer has to decide where to calculate what is being paid for him. Also, the time spent crossing the border or browsing the cheapest products online is worth it," said Javornikov.

Are product quality different from different prices?

"There is a possibility that large global traders and players have the opportunity to scrutinize the market and the analysis and, on this basis, they decide which formula they are offering for a particular market. This can be either lower quality or a customized market," he said. Jager.

Some more comparisons:

Some price comparisons of Austrian and Slovenian Hofer products. Products for daily use, mainly food.

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All prices are in Euros.

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